Posted by: mystic444 | June 8, 2010

Israel and Terrorism

Fundamentalist Christians and Zionist Jews vociferously proclaim the ‘Divine right’ of the Jews to statehood in Palestine, and are willing to joyously support all manner of Jewish atrocities done in order to kick others out of that land and keep them out.”

That was the opening sentence in one of my previous articles (Do Jews Have a God-Given Right to “The Land of Canaan”?). It was written on March 20, 2010, well before the recent atrocity by the Israeli military – when the Israeli government and state sought to ‘defend’ itself against those ‘ungodly, terrorist’ humanitarians who were ‘attacking’ Israel by bringing food, medicine, and building supplies to Palestinians in Gaza who had the audacity to object to the ‘right’ of Israel to drive them from their land and homes. Those Palestinian Christians and Muslims should accept that they ‘deserve’ to be confined to what amounts to a prisoner of war camp, or ghettos! Don’t they recognize that the Jews have a ‘Divine right’ to statehood in their ‘God given’ land of Palestine?

The reaction of ‘God fearing Christians’, and the government of the ‘God fearing Christian’ USA, to that Israeli attack has certainly shown the truth of that statement. The government of the USA is pretty much the only government on earth to not openly condemn this vicious Israeli terrorism. Our government has even supported the absurd notion that the perpetrators of this act of war should have the right to perform their own ‘investigation’ of the incident – rather than an international inquiry into it. As if the ones who planned and carried out the attack could then perform a fair and unbiased investigation! What nonsense! And the most ridiculous thing of all is that people who claim to be followers of Jesus, the Messiah, support and rejoice in this evil. I can’t figure out who their ‘Jesus’ is; he’s most certainly not the Jesus portrayed in the Bible. The Jesus I find in the Bible would be on board those humanitarian aid ships, giving aid to the oppressed Palestinian people – though he would not be among those who responded in anger and violent self defense against the Israeli soldiers. And I doubt Jesus would be willing to take the humanitarian aid to the oppressors and let them decide what they would allow into Gaza and what they would refuse. That would just endorse the oppression of the blockade.

The support of ‘Christians’ for everything the nation of Israel does is based on the totally fallacious notion that Israel is ‘still’ “God’s chosen nation”. The article I referred to above, and the one that followed (Is Israel God’s Chosen Nation?) went into some detail in Biblically refuting that notion, so I’m not going to reproduce all of the arguments here. I’ll just give the main ideas here, and anyone who wishes can refer to those articles for the details.

When God blessed Abraham and his ‘seed’, it was not everyone who physically descended from him who was the recipient of that blessing; it was those who followed in the steps of the faith of Abraham who were considered to be his ‘seed’. This was shown throughout the ‘Old Testament’ history of the nation, as over and over again the vast majority of the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were repudiated by God and His prophets. Those God-sent prophets openly denounced and ‘cursed’ the nation of Israel – but the prophets were certainly not ‘cursed’ by God for doing so. But there was always a ‘very small remnant’ chosen and set apart by God who remained faithful to the LORD and to His covenant, and they were the true ‘Israel of God’ – the true ‘seed’ of Abraham who were blessed by God.

When the ‘fulness of time’ came for God’s anointed one to be revealed – the one who would bring to fruition all that was involved in the promise to Abraham – Jesus (who is in fact that ‘anointed one’) and John the Baptizer both reiterated the statements of the prophets that only those who are ‘descendants’ of Abraham by means of the same faith Abraham expressed were God’s ‘chosen’ and ‘blessed’ people. Everyone else would be like rotten trees, or tares among wheat, which would be ‘cut down’ and ‘thrown into the fire’ of God’s judgment. Jesus himself said that the Kingdom of God would be taken away from the nation of Israel, and given to another nation which would produce the fruit of the Kingdom (and that new nation is believers from all nations, including the nation of Israel). Then, after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, the anointed, the apostles of Jesus proclaimed the same message. The ‘national’ existence of Israel, and any ‘privileged’ position they thought they had in God’s covenantal dealings, was done away with, and the true people and ‘church’ of God was to be found in all people, everywhere, who fear God and do what is acceptable to Him. The ‘dividing wall’ between Jew and Gentile was demolished. Old things had passed away, and all things had become new. The ‘good olive tree’ of God’s covenant blessings now has branches from the ‘wild olive tree’ of the Gentiles, while many of the ‘natural branches’ of the ‘good olive tree’ (‘natural’ descendants of Abraham) were cut off. The natural branches can be grafted back into the tree if they repent of their rebellion against God and His anointed, but that is the only way they can regain God’s blessing. God’s blessing has nothing at all to do with their physical descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. According to both Old and New Testament prophets, when the Roman army overwhelmed and destroyed Jerusalem and the nation of Israel, that was the end of Jewish national existence and ‘privilege’. It will never be restored, as God will never ‘rebuild’ the ‘dividing wall’ between Jew and Gentile. That is the Christian message, and Christians should joyfully embrace this message rather than seeking to go back to a former ‘dispensation’ which has been ‘done away in Christ’.

Just as was true in the days of the first Christian apostles, “at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace” (Romans 11:5). This ‘remnant’ among the Jewish people are those who truly ‘fear God’ and do His will – following in the steps of Abraham’s faith. Such God fearing Jews are learning, in many cases at least, to love and admire Jesus when he is truly presented. Some are openly affiliating with Christianity – Messianic Jews – while others still find too much in ‘Christianity’ that is offensive, even though they admire Jesus and accept his teaching of love, kindness, and forgiveness. (See the second half of my article, “The Olivet Discourse: Further Thoughts” for examples of this). Messianic Jews, though, tend to be ‘Zionists’ who are still blind to this “New Covenant” teaching that God’s chosen nation consists of Jew and Gentile in all lands of the earth, not a ‘national Israel’ in ‘the land of Palestine’. They still seem to think that there is some ‘special blessing’ for physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Not all Jews today are ‘Zionists’, however. Many, regardless of what they think of Jesus and Christianity, repudiate the policies of the present right wing ‘Zionist’ government in Israel, and protest the Jewish occupation of Palestine and the recent attack on the humanitarian flotilla. See this news article for an example of Jews in Israel protesting their government’s policies and actions.

The Jews are not God’s chosen people, and have no Divine right to statehood in Palestine. Christians should certainly not support right wing Zionist Israel, since the policies and actions of Zionists are so totally opposite to the teachings and actions of the one whom Christians call ‘Lord’ – Jesus Christ. Jesus would certainly never support military personnel attacking people of good will bringing humanitarian relief to oppressed people.


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