Posted by: mystic444 | July 19, 2011

Herman Cain and the Right to Ban Mosques

Herman Cain, a candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination in the USA, has recently joined the opposition to the new Mosque construction in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He says that communities have the right to ban Mosques in their neighborhoods.

Now this is blatantly a violation of the First Amendment of the US Constitution which provides thatCongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievancesThese are among the unalienable rights with which all men are endowed by their creator according to our Declaration of Independence; and which Governments are established to protect (not to “grant” or repudiate). No “community” has the authority to deny these rights to any of its members. The Constitutional Republic established by the “Founding Fathers” of this nation was not an unlimited “Democracy”; it was not intended to be a strictly “majority rule” nation. In fact, the Founders did not tend to favor “democracy”, seeing it as a “tyranny of the majority”. They realized that there needed to be a democratic element in government, but it needed to be strictly limited. That’s why our Constitution was written and ratified, strictly limiting what the Government could do and protecting the rights of all of the people – including especially minorities who don’t march in “lock step” with the majority.

How then do Herman Cain and most of the other Republican candidates for public office rationalize their clearly unconstitutional ideas?  Well, let’s listen to Herman Cain himself: “Let’s go back to the fundamental issue that the people are basically saying that they are objecting to,” Cain said. “They are objecting to the fact that Islam is both religion and (a) set of laws, Shariah law. That’s the difference between any one of our other traditional religions where it’s just about religious purposes.

“The people in the community know best. And I happen to side with the people in the community.”

It’s hard to believe any intelligent man, who doesn’t believe his hearers are a bunch of dummies too ignorant to realize the plain falsehood of that statement, could actually make such a statement. Is he really trying to say that the Jewish religion doesn’t contain a set of laws?! 🙄 As a wise man once said: “Gimme a break!” 😆 Surely he’s heard of the Torah, or Law of God, contained in the first five books of the Bible (particularly Deuteronomy).

He claims to be a Christian. Is he entirely unaware that Christianity also recognizes the same Law of God (with some revisions)? When someone came to Jesus asking what he needed to do to inherit eternal life, Jesus responded: Luke 18:20  You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery, Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Honor your father and mother.’ Even Paul, who is usually thought to have repudiated the law, said: Rom 7:12  So the law is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good. In 1 Timothy he said: 1Ti 1:8  Now we know that the law is good, if one uses it lawfully, 1Ti 1:9  understanding this, that the law is not laid down for the just but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and sinners, for the unholy and profane, for those who strike their fathers and mothers, for murderers, 1Ti 1:10  the sexually immoral, men who practice homosexuality, enslavers, liars, perjurers, and whatever else is contrary to sound doctrine, 1Ti 1:11  in accordance with the gospel of the glory of the blessed God with which I have been entrusted. If the law is not for the godly and righteous, but for the lawless and disobedient, does that not mean that the law is for most of the citizens of the USA? Well, at least Evangelical Christians must think so.

But despite the fact that Paul said the law is not for the righteous and good, he nevertheless was quite willing to use it to promote godly living among the believers. Ephesians 6:1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Eph 6:2 “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), Eph 6:3 “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”

Who are the ones who are vociferously protesting abortion and homosexuality (especially homosexual marriage)? Are they those awful Muslims, seeking to force their Shariah down our throats? No, it’s an area where fundamentalist/evangelical Christians and many Roman Catholics are united in seeking to promote Biblical law. Most Muslims may indeed believe abortion and homosexuality are wrong, but they’re not the ones seeking to impose their beliefs on everyone else by means of Congress and the Courts.

Who are the ones who are constantly advocating public prayer in schools and school athletic events?Are they the “subversive” Muslims seeking to force American citizens to pray 5 times per day facing Mecca? No, you know who it is: conservative Christians such as Herman Cain himself, who believe that our Government is founded on the Bible and the Christian religion (despite the fact that our “Founding Fathers” emphatically denied that idea).  So if Mr. Cain is worried about “God’s law” being imposed on US society by “religious radicals”, perhaps he should be seeking to ban Christian churches! 😀

But Herman Cain is not only concerned about the Shariah which the 1-3% of the US population who are Muslims are supposedly about to impose on the whole country; no, he’s terribly worried that they’re trying to convert other people to Islam! From “PolitiFact Georgia”, June 8, 2011: The controversy began in February in a Milner church. Cain talked about his bout with stage four liver and colon cancer and suggested he was uncomfortable when he learned his surgeon’s name was “Abdallah.”

The evangelical publication Christianity Today asked Cain about his comment in a March 21 article. Cain replied that Muslims should stop trying to convert others.

“And based upon the little knowledge that I have of the Muslim religion, you know, they have an objective to convert all infidels or kill them,” Cain said.

Wow! That’s terrible! 😯 Surely we’ve never heard of another religion which seeks to convert unbelievers! (The contention that Islam calls for killing those who fail to convert is simply an outright lie, even though it’s very popular in some circles. The fact that he voices such a lie shows that he is at least quite correct in saying he has little knowledge of the Muslim religion. People who realize they know very little about a subject should not be speaking out against it as if they know what they’re talking about. Mr. Cain should be quiet about Islam and Muslims until he has acquired real knowledge from real Islamic sources. For discussion on the issue of killing infidels, check out my article “Does Islam Proclaim That All Infidels Should Be Killed?” – Also “Islam: A Religion of Hate???” – and “Slay the Infidels Wherever You Find Them”)

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the evangelistic rallies of Billy Graham and other Christian evangelists; and we’ve probably all encountered Christians who wanted to hand out evangelistic “tracts” like “The Four Spiritual Laws” or “5 Things God Wants You to Know”. But when was the last time you heard of an Islamic Evangelistic Rally led by someone named Abdullah Muhammad Graham? 😀 Have you encountered Muslims standing in front of the Grocery Store handing out “tracts” on “The 5 Pillars of Islam” or “The 4 Laws of Shariah”?

Let’s “get real”. Sure, Muslims desire to see converts to Islam (Submission to God), and believe that it is the purpose of God to see the Religion of the One God triumph throughout the earth – just as Christians and Jews do. Yes, Muslims too believe that the day is coming when righteousness shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. But they tend to prefer to attract people by their manner of life, hoping people will be so impressed that they will ask questions about the Muslim faith. They’re not the ones out knocking on people’s doors (Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons). And as I pointed out, they’re not holding evangelistic rallies and handing out tracts in public places. Perhaps they should be; but if they did they would be no different from a lot of Christians – and no more dangerous to “American” society.

Nevertheless, Mr. Cain is so concerned about the supposed subversive nature of Islam that he has said he would be uncomfortable about having any Muslims serving on his Cabinet in his administration should he (God forbid!) be elected President. Quoting from the same article previously quoted about the supposed insidious attempts of Muslims to convert unbelievers:

Five days later, a blogger for liberal questioned him at the Conservative Principles Conference in Des Moines, Iowa.

“Would you be comfortable appointing a Muslim either in your Cabinet or as a federal judge?” the blogger asked.

“No, I will not,” Cain replied.”And here’s why. There is this creeping attempt, there’s this attempt to gradually ease Sharia law and the Muslim faith into our government. It does not belong in our government.”

So despite the fact that Article VI, section 3 of the US Constitution says that no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States Herman Cain says that he would implement just such a religious test! 🙄 Yet he wishes us to believe that he is a strict adherent of the Constitution.

Now one could say that, technically speaking, in that statement Mr. Cain did not say that he wouldn’t allow a Muslim to serve in his administration; he only said he wouldn’t be comfortable with it. The problem is that on a couple of later occasions when he was being questioned about it, he affirmed that he did mean that he would simply not allow Muslims to serve. Again from the same article:

The Monday after the news broke, Cain recounted what he said on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

“A reporter asked me ‘Would I appoint a Muslim to my administration?’ I did say ‘no,’” Cain told Cavuto.

“And here’s why … I would have to have people totally committed to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. And many of the Muslims, they’re not totally dedicated to this country,” he said.

In April, Cain repeated he would not hire a Muslim to radio host Bryan Fischer, who is also a conservative. We found an excerpt from the show on a website critical of the political right:

“[T]he comment I made that became controversial, and my staff keeps hoping will die, is that I wouldn’t have Muslims in my administration. And it’s real simple. The Constitution does not have room for Sharia law … and to introduce that element as part of an administration when we’ve got all of these other issues, I think I have the right to say that I won’t,” Cain said.

But what about good and peaceful Muslims? Cain acknowledges that there are suchLook, I know that there’s a peaceful group of Muslims in this country. God bless them and they’re free to worship. If you look at my career I have never discriminated against anybody, because of their religion, sex or origin or anything like that. The problem is that for him the existence of such good and peaceful Muslims is purely hypothetical; he says he’s never met one: Cain’s opposition to Muslims in his Cabinet is not ironclad. After some prodding, he told Cavuto he might consider a Muslim who’s loyal to the Constitution but never met one he would choose for his Cabinet.

Frankly, this guy is simply unbelievable. For him the only “good” Muslim is one who has repudiated Islam. Such “good” Muslims are free to worship – but of course they won’t need a Mosque since they will have renounced Islam. He’s very certain that Islam itself is nothing but evil – even though he confessed he knows very little about the subject. May God kindly preserve us from people like him.



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