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Vote for Palestinian Self-Determination

Click here to tell
Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Rice
“It’s time.”

I received the following as an e-mail this morning. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to anyone who has read many of my blog articles that I fully support the position of “Jewish Voice for Peace” and the petition they’re asking people to sign. Instead of forwarding this in an e-mail, I’ve decided to repost it on my blog, and hope that many of you will sign the petition.



Dear Stephen,

It’s time.

It’s time, finally, after forty years for the United States to do the right thing for the people of Palestine. Will they?

During Wednesday’s United Nations Security Council debate about Palestinian statehood, once again, the United States announced that it would stand in the way of a vote for Palestinian self-determination.

This isn’t the first time. Nor the second, or tenth or twentieth time. In fact, it’s the forty-first time.

Forty-one times during the last forty years, the United States has said no, one way or another, to the Palestinian struggle for human rights.

Forty-one times, in votes at the UN Security Council, the United States has been the only country to use its veto to override the votes of every other member.

Forty-one times, the US has been the one country to protect Israel no matter how many settlements it builds, orchards it destroys, or acres it takes. The one country to say no to democracy, fairness and justice for Palestinians and yes to more pain and destruction for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Now, as soon as this September, the United States will vote one more time.

It’s up to us to make this the last time. Join me in telling U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Rice that it’s time for them to vote for justice. They must not veto for the 42nd time.

The whole world will be watching. You. Me. Millions of people from around the world will be watching and hoping that the U.S. will not block UN recognition of Palestine as a member state.

Our leaders must hear from us: This time, vote yes.

We know that the vote is just one step, and only a beginning.  It won’t stop the growing pace of Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.  It won’t suddenly mean there is a viable Palestinian state, or freedom for those in Gaza, or a just resolution to the problem of refugees.

But it will recognize the right to Palestinian self-determination, give our movement additional tools in moving toward a truly just resolution, and give fresh hope to all the people of Palestine and Israel who deserve to live in freedom and democracy.

Do we think the US will change and finally do the right thing this time? Probably not. The US will likely again stand alone in the Security Council and once again veto, or vote no with the few allies  it can find, like Micronesia and Palau, if the vote goes to the UN General Assembly.

But this time, they can’t do it quietly. We won’t let them. This time– this 42nd time– let’s make sure the United States is not what keeps the Palestinians from determining their own future, and of being citizens of the world.

For freedom,



Rebecca Vilkomerson
Executive Director
Jewish Voice for Peace

P.S. For a more in-depth explanation of JVP’s approach to the UN vote in September, check out this paper by Joel Beinin, long-time JVP member and Donald J. Maclachlan Professor of Middle Eastern History at Stanford University.



  1. 41 times! It boggles the mind.
    Also, the US recognised Israeli statehood 15 minutes before it was officially declared. However, whenever Palestine attempts to declare her statehood, the world has stood in the way. Now, much of the world has begun to realise that Palestine should be allowed to exist and the US stands alone in its opposition.

  2. And on that note I’ll leave you to stew in your self-hating anti-semiticism and love for Muslim terrorists. There’s no point in further discourse.

    Perhaps we’ll meet again once things escalate past rhetoric when our arguments will carry more weight.

    • jonolan – If you hadn’t resorted to those absurd accusations, I would not have felt any need to respond at all. However, since I am not Jewish either ethnically or religiously, I can’t be a “self hating” Jew. The fact that the petition I am advocating was put forth by “Jewish Voice for Peace”, and that my last previous article reproduced an article by Naturei Karta (Orthodox Jews against Zionism) should certainly relieve me of the charge of “Antisemitism”. Love for Muslims? Absolutely! 🙂 Love for terrorists? No way!

      I have no truck with aggression, particularly against innocent civilians. It doesn’t matter whether the terrorists are Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, IRA, the USA military, or right wing “Christians” like Anders Breivik; I oppose them all.

      I am certainly anti-Zionist, but not anti-Jewish (or “antisemitic”). But if you define “antisemitism” as anyone who doesn’t believe in Jewish superiority, and that whatever Jews do is right by definition – lying, murder, and terrorism are “justified” because they’re “God’s chosen people” – then I guess I’m guilty as charged. But then there are a lot of “antisemitic” Jews in the world – “devoutly” atheist Jews like Norm Finkelstein, very religious Jews like the Orthodox Jews against Zionism, and people affiliated with “Jewish Voice for Peace” who I imagine comprise Jews of all sorts except Zionists.

      I call for the dissolution of the Jewish (Zionist) State, but I have not called for the killing of Jews or destruction of Israeli citizens. What I actually would like to see is for the Zionist Israelis to have a spiritual and moral awakening whereby they would see that they are in the wrong – have been from the very beginning of the Zionist State – and would voluntarily transition to a truly “democratic” government embracing all Palestinians of whatever religious persuasion. In other words, voluntarily return to what Palestine was like before the aggressive and violent warfare against the non Jewish inhabitants of Palestine which brought about the Jewish State of Israel. Whether or not that’s a realistic hope I can’t say.

      I’m not sure exactly what your second paragraph means – but it actually sounds very much like a desire to commit physical violence against me. (Does that make you a terrorist? 😯 ) Well, anyone who attempts that won’t have much difficulty! 😆 My physical disability leaves me pretty much unable to defend myself against a 5 year old child.

      Your need to resort to name-calling and threats doesn’t speak well for your cause. But may God be kind to you anyhow. 🙂

  3. Sure thing – once the UN fully recognizes Israel, which they haven’t done is 60 years.

    • Thanks for the quick response. I’m not really sure what you mean, though, by saying the UN does not “fully recognize” Israel. Israel has been a member nation since 1949, and has an equal vote with the other member nations. Palestine has yet to be recognized as a member nation, though.

      The UN has certainly sought to reprimand Israel on many occasions, since Israel has consistently refused to abide by UN mandates (like the return of refugees, and border lines). Israel’s human rights violations are many. But the USA uses its veto power to stop all such efforts. I, as a US citizen, oppose the official US “pro-Israel, anti-Palestine” policy.

      My own position is that Israel has no legitimacy as a Jewish State. I advocate a “one State” solution in which the Jewish State is dissolved, and the whole land of Palestine returns to the whole Palestinian people (including Jews, Christians, and Muslims). However, so long as Israel is recognized as a Jewish State by the UN, then I insist Palestine must have equal recognition. If a genuine “two State” solution, acceptable by both Palestinians and Zionists, can be reached, then I say “more power to them”.

      • Actually it wasn’t until 200 that Israel was allowed even a temporary member of the Western European and Others (WEOG) regional group. It still cannot ever sit on the Security Council because it doesn’t have full, permanent standing in any of the UN’s bodies.

        Additionally, 22 UN states have refused to recognize Israel as nation.

        • Nevertheless, Israel is a voting member nation of the UN General Assembly – something which is denied to Palestine. I would say it’s very likely that if Israel would come into compliance with UN mandates, and cease its reprehensible human rights abuses, it would be allowed representation on the various bodies of the UN.

          If Palestine were accepted to the UN with the same status that Israel presently has, I expect Palestinians would be jubilant. Even if 22 nations didn’t recognize them, that would be a huge step forward for Palestine.

          I personally rejoice that 22 nations have the courage to refuse to recognize that “synagogue of Satan”, Zionist Israel. If the whole UN would agree to kick Israel out, and insist that the Jewish (Zionist) State of Israel be dissolved in favor of a Palestinian State comprising all residents of Palestine and current Israel (Jews, Christians, and Muslims as well as any other minority groups present in that country), that would please me greatly. I don’t believe that a Jewish State of Israel has any moral, ethical, or genuine political legitimacy. In this I agree with many Jews – Orthodox and otherwise – as opposed to Zionist Jews.

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