Posted by: mystic444 | October 1, 2011

More Propaganda About ‘Home Grown Terrorists’ and Al Qaeda

Honestly, sometimes one just has to throw back his/her head and have a hearty laugh at some of the “news” propaganda being disseminated! After Iran’s President Ahmedinejad made another statement recently implicating the USA and Israel in planning and carrying out the 9/11 terrorist attacks, “Al Qaeda” purportedly issued an indignant statement repudiating Ahmedinejad’s ‘conspiracy theories’.

Basically what “Al Qaeda” said was this (my summarization, not an actual quotation): “We have been in competition for the hearts of Muslims worldwide, and we won. Iran is jealous of our victory and wants to steal our thunder, depriving us of our glory. They spread these conspiracy theories in order to deprive us of our glorious victory.”

As the Yahoo News article linked above pointed out, this “statement” from “Al Qaeda” bears a striking resemblance to a satirical skit produced by the Onion News Network in 2008. It sounds suspiciously like a US or Israeli Intelligence Agency production to discredit Ahmedinejad and so called “conspiracy theories” by having “Al Qaeda” insist that it did indeed do the terrible deed. Those Intelligence Agencies knew very well that most people, being unfamiliar with the Onion “News report”, and hearing the story from ‘official Al Qaeda’ sources, would immediately accept it without question. Perhaps unfortunately for those ‘Intelligence Agencies’, the Yahoo News report did link to the Onion ‘report’.

I realize that I would be considered a “conspiracy theory nut” by most people, so anything I say is automatically discredited. Nevertheless, perhaps just for the fun of it you will bear with me in presenting two or three possible scenarios with regard to this indignant statement from “Al Qaeda”.

(1) Let’s suppose first that this was an actual Al Qaeda statement. But Al Qaeda knows very well that they didn’t perpetrate this terrorist event; so why would they want to indignantly claim that they did do it?

The answer is fairly easy to see. Although they didn’t carry out the attacks, they’re quite willing to accept responsibility because of the “prestige” it gives them with certain people with a very perverted bent of mind. The USA is giving Al Qaeda credit with being able to penetrate the defense systems of the world’s only “superpower”! That certainly makes them a very powerful group of people; especially since they could accomplish this feat while having to hide out in caves in Afghanistan. In fact, according to this story, Al Qaeda was able to make a fool of the “superpower” USA! What better recruiting propaganda could an organization have? To have this story challenged by Iran’s President (as well as a great number of people all over the world, including the USA) could undermine their efforts to recruit new members.

(2) On the other hand, though, one could object that “Al Qaeda” would be equally able to use as propaganda the idea promoted by “conspiracy theorists”. If those “conspiracy theories” are true, and the USA and Israel did deliberately conceive, plan, and carry out those vicious attacks with the intent of planting false evidence to blame them on “Muslim terrorists”, this would be very useful for stirring up indignation against the USA and Israel. Al Qaeda could say, very accurately: “You see how morally and spiritually bankrupt the USA and Israel are? They’re willing to carry out murderous acts against innocents – even their own citizens – in order to provide a ‘motive’ for attacking Muslim countries! Join us in seeking to overthrow those followers of Satan!”

So why would “Al Qaeda” want to repudiate those “conspiracy theories”? Obviously, they wouldn’t; because whichever ‘theory’ one adheres to as regards 9/11, Al Qaeda would be able to ‘spin’ it in their favor for recruitment.

(3) So I go with a third scenario. I have made clear in previous posts (here and here for instance)  that I am convinced that the ‘official story’ of ‘Muslim terrorists’ carrying out 9/11 is completely untenable; and that there is strong evidence to support the idea that the USA and Israel conspired to commit these atrocities as a ‘false flag’ operation – updating and carrying out a very similar plan from the 1960s (called “Northwoods”) which had targeted Cuba, but was never implemented. So what if “Al Qaeda” does not exist as we think of it (a worldwide terrorist organization of ‘Muslim extremists’); but is rather a CIA/Mossad construct which they can activate whenever they wish to perpetrate false ‘Muslim terrorist’ attacks, and then have ‘Al Qaeda’ claim responsibility in order to keep up the antipathy toward those evil Muslims and their awful Islamic religion?

Yeah, I know: I’m a real nutcase! 😆 But please bear with me for a bit, and then laugh all you want. Consider that the name “Al Qaeda” in common Arabic usage means “the toilet” or “the toilet seat”. (See for instance this article beginning with the 7th paragraph. They’re short paragraphs.) It’s true that the literal meaning of the words is “the base” or “the seat”. But this is similar to English phrases like “the John” or “the head”. While John is a very common English name for a male, if you say “the John” without qualifying it by a phrase like “the John I knew would never do such a thing”, virtually any English speaker (at least in the USA) would recognize it as a reference to “the toilet”. The same is true of the phrase “the head”. If you just say the two words “the head” without qualification (like “the head of our organization”, or “the head of the Catholic Church is the Pope”), most English speakers (or at least most Americans) would immediately think of “the toilet”. With that in mind, what American group would deliberately refer to themselves as “the John” or “the Head”? Can you imagine an Arabic organization deliberately naming itself “Al Qaeda” (“the Seat”)?

If “Al Qaeda” was the construct of an Intelligence organization such as the CIA, though, it’s quite conceivable that they would be unaware of the colloquial use of that term, and think “the base” was an appropriate name for the organization. Or on the other hand they might be quite aware of the colloquial meaning of “Al Qaeda”, and consider it very funny to name their fake ‘Muslim terrorist’ organization “the toilet”! 😀 It was no doubt easy to come up with an ‘official’ reason for the name for the benefit of those unfamiliar with Arabic, while secretly chuckling at what they knew to be the actual significance.

Although we are frequently warned about “Al Qaeda” recruiting, training, and using radical Muslims for terrorist attacks, more and more the FBI in the USA is openly and proudly acknowledging that their “sting operations” are actually responsible for finding and responding to those radicalized Muslims in order to use them in ‘fake’ terrorist attacks. I have written a couple of articles previously about such FBI incited “terrorist attacks”: “FBI Incites Muslim Terrorism”  and “Are ‘Muslim Extremists’ Bombing Churches and Mosques?”.

Another such incident was reported yesterday. Rezwan Ferdaus, a Massachusetts resident who has a Bachelor’s degree in physics, had contacted a Federal Agent who was ‘pretending’ to be an Al Qaeda operative. This ‘pretend’ Al Qaeda operative (and others) then ‘assisted’ Ferdaus in plotting an attack on the US Capitol and the Pentagon. The FBI operatives were convincing enough that Ferdaus never suspected they weren’t ‘real’ Muslims and ‘real’ Al Qaeda operatives. If the FBI is able to fool genuine Muslims, how much easier is it for them to fool the general populace who are very ignorant about Islam? It’s no doubt enough for most people if someone just says a couple of catch phrases like “Death to America!” and “Allahu Akbar!” Throw in a few more references to Allah and Shariah, and most people would be easily fooled. It would take a good bit more to fool a genuine adherent of Islam, I’m sure. But the FBI is able to carry off the deception.

They’re good enough at it to fool ‘radicalized Muslims’ time after time; and they have even been known to be good enough at their deception to cause Muslims attending Mosque services (including Imams) to report them to the FBI! How’s that for irony? 😀 FBI agents get turned in to the FBI, by Muslims, for instigating terrorist activities.

It would seem that whenever these ‘radicalized Muslims’ in the USA seek to contact ‘Al Qaeda’, they wind up contacting ‘fake’ Al Qaeda representatives. One wonders: where is the ‘genuine’ Al Qaeda which is supposedly so desirous of obtaining new recruits? Or are those ‘fake’ representatives actually the genuine article, because the ‘Muslim terrorist’ Al Qaeda doesn’t exist?

I, of course, can’t say for sure that there’s no genuinely “Muslim” Al Qaeda; or that there couldn’t be actual ‘radicalized Muslims’ unknowingly working for the ‘fake’ Al Qaeda (FBI/CIA/Mossad) performing real terrorist acts (not just the fake acts which we see so often these days in the news) The FBI would of course not identify its collaboration with any actual terrorist acts; those acts are ‘false flag’ acts actually attributed to “Muslim terrorists” – in keeping with those old “Northwoods” plans and the 9/11 atrocities – although there might not be any genuine Muslims involved at all. Those FBI and Mossad agents are quite able to pull off the events themselves, as they have in the past (the King David Hotel bombing in Jerusalem in 1947, and the Lavon Affair in Egypt in 1954 – both carried out by Israeli agents disguised as Arabs – for instance).

So the FBI/CIA/Mossad can set up fake terrorist acts using genuine ‘radicalized Muslims’; or they can set up actual terrorist acts using actual radicalized Muslims; or they can set up actual terrorist acts using non-Muslim agents disguised as Muslims. They are also quite capable of disseminating radicalized interpretations of the Qur’an and hadith in order to provide angry Muslims with a seemingly legitimate rationale for terrorist acts. I put nothing past the US and Israeli governments and their Intelligence and Military agencies.

Therefore, when I see articles like the one saying ‘Al Qaeda’ repudiated President Ahmedinejad’s “conspiracy theories”, I have to laugh because the deception is so obvious for anyone who has eyes to see. It’s just funny that they would take an Onion production and pass it off (in a modified form) as genuine.

I am also disgusted and deeply angry with the current moral and ethical bankruptcy of my government and its agencies (generally speaking – I’m sure there are good representatives who are not a part of the corruption, but it at least appears that they are few and far between). But I will not let their ungodliness and unrighteousness cause me to resort to ungodly and unjust actions. If I can cast my vote for someone I believe is genuinely decent, I will do so. Otherwise, I will refrain from voting and pray for the coming of the Mahdi and/or Jesus Christ (or the Maitreya Buddha). Meanwhile, I will do my part to at least attempt to expose the corruption that exists in my government.

May the knowledge and glory of God soon cover the earth.



  1. Hi mystic444,

    I’m favorably impressed by how you handled the recent onslaught against your ideas. The whole incident has me thinking.

    Why is it considered by many to be “fringe” to question 9/11 when polls show it’s pretty common? Wikipedia lists many polls with astonishing findings, especially if you confine the question to merely doubting the veracity of the “official story.”

    Less than half (46%) of the people surveyed worldwide believe AQ was responsible. Even in the Europe, numbers range around 2/3 believing AQ is the perpetrator and very high numbers of people doubting the official story.

    One poll showed 90% of Germans “are convinced that the government of the United States is not telling the whole truth about the September 11 attacks.” In the US, there is also considerable doubt, to the extent Time declared 9/11 truth “mainstream.” There is certainly no consensus.

    So why is it heresy to simply say “I question the official story?” How does this rather common sentiment make someone a fringe lunatic?

    A child-like belief in government is not a reason to dismiss the issue entirely. It’s like a mother whose son is up on drug charges and she says, “Timmy would never do that!” It’s understandable why she would feel that way, but it has nothing to do with the FACTS of the case.

    It is a fact, for example, that the official story and the 9/11 report don’t address WTC7. Why is it “crazy” to simply state this fact?

    Also, many people still believe Iraq was behind 9/11, according to polls. That’s amazing because it that was disproven long ago. Why aren’t they the crackpots?

    I am not willing to say that 9/11 was an inside job, and I’ve never implicated any group or country. I just don’t know, and I don’t want to preempt the investigation I would like to see happen.

    I am willing to say that the official story is at best incomplete and at worst, inaccurate and misleading. I refuse to accept that it’s unreasonable and “crazy” in this supposedly free society to simply question an “official” government story.

    The dismissal and ridicule of so-called “troofers” only serves to convince me and many others that there really is something to hide. In fact, if they hadn’t made such a fuss, I’m not sure I’d have invested the effort to investigate!

    Given the importance of 9/11, which is said to have “changed the world forever,” the truth matters. If a huge number of people have questions, what’s wrong with a thorough, impartial investigation that will vet some of the common questions people have?

    In fact, if the Official Believers are so convinced of their case, why don’t they also want a new investigation so they can prove “troofers” wrong?

    I find the Official Believer Thought Police irrational and perplexing. Obscuring the truth seems like an injustice to the many people who were killed during the attacks and in the subsequent wars.

    I’m more sad these days than angry when I think about all of this.

    Anyway, I hope you weren’t shaken by those harsh challenges. I admire your patience and your kindness to everyone, even when people aren’t especially kind to you.

    Take care, Stephen. Peace and blessings. 🙂

    • Talisman – Grace, mercy, and peace to you. Thank you for your supportive words. I admit to having been somewhat shaken and stunned when I realized that Garibaldi’s comment to Tabetha – that they had removed a link, due to her comment – actually referred to the link to my blog on their blogroll. I would not have thought loonwatch would succumb to knee-jerk allegations made by a Zionist. Nevertheless, by God’s help, I’m able to see a bit of humor in the overall situation, and understand loonwatch’s concern that they not give the impression that they support 9/11 “truthers” and the “historical revisionism” of David Irving.

      Your question as to why the “9/11 Truth” movement should be so strongly opposed and ridiculed is a very good one. From my perspective, the ludicrous explanations given in the “official story”, together with the ridicule and attempts to suppress truth seekers, is itself a strong indication that US and Israeli governments have a very strong “personal” interest in covering up the truth. They can’t afford the truth to be exposed, as it would prove some very prominent “world leaders” to be guilty of treason. Naturally they’re not going to want their treason exposed, so any means necessary will be used to cover up the truth. Any question about the veracity of the Government sponsored story, if allowed to be pursued, will eventually wind up proving a treacherous Government conspiracy.

      On the other hand, they can’t be TOO obvious in their efforts to suppress the truth (they can’t start arresting people for questioning the official story and putting forward alternative explanations – even though the alternatives actually accuse the US Government of treasonous conspiracy with a foreign Government [Israel] to commit mass murder of innocent civilians). Such actions would make it much too obvious that the “truthers” were actually correct. So the easiest way is to put forward specious and ridiculous explanations for the events – which they know a lot of people will never question because the advocates are “respected” Government leaders – and mock those who deny the Government account (even though many are among the brightest scientists, engineers, pilots, etc. in our country and in the world).

      Thanks again for your comments. We may not agree in all things, but I think both of us have learned how to be reasonable, polite, and kind in the midst of disagreement. And our disagreements appear to be relatively few.

  2. In Pakistan, they spell Al-Qaeda as Al-CIAda 🙂

  3. Oops…I mean good NOT everyone is as cynical as I am.

    This is a terrible typing quirk of mine…not vs. now…because I do it often and it conveys the exact opposite of what I meant.

  4. Hi Mystic,

    I am glad you visited my blog because it has led me to yours.

    “I am convinced that the ‘official story’ of ‘Muslim terrorists’ carrying out 9/11 is completely untenable…”

    Yes, I agree with you. For a long time, I was very confused because so many people I respect claim they believe the official story.

    Last year, I enlisted a friend and we started with the hypothesis, “The official 9/11 story is substantially true.” My friend actually believed that when we started.

    He read the entire 9/11 report, which I thought was amazing. Anyway, our process was painstaking. We did all kinds of research…..evidence, hypothesis testing, peer review. How else do we figure things out?

    In the end, we could NOT by any means prove this hypothesis to be true. My friend who thought I was crazy when we started ended up agreeing that it’s just not true.

    Why then do many otherwise dissenting types (like Justin Raimondo and Alexander Cockburn) pretend that it is??? I just can’t explain that.

    Peace and blessings,


    • Grace and peace be with you, Talisman.

      Thanks for your comments on this article and “The Same Words, But Very Different Meanings”. Your experience in researching the 9/11 report with your friend is very interesting. I have come to the conclusion that anyone who will examine the evidence with an open mind will arrive at the conclusion – however reluctantly – that “9/11 was an inside job”.

      Nevertheless, I can also understand what one of my sons said last night. The thought that our own government – no matter how corrupt we believe it is – is so absolutely depraved that it would plan and carry out such an atrocity against its own citizens is so horrible that the mind almost refuses to accept it, no matter how convincing the evidence. We simply don’t want it to be true, and will invent every kind of excuse to try to avoid that ultimately unavoidable conclusion.

      I guess that’s why people like Justin Raimondo can’t bring themselves to deny the “official story” of 9/11. The alternative is simply too horrible to contemplate. I myself find the truth simply devastating. But my doubt of the US government began many years ago when I started reading books about the JFK assassination – followed by very suspicious facts about the RFK and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations. I also did a lot of reading about UFOs, alien abductions, and the evidence of government lies and cover ups in that area as well (yes, I’m one of those “real wierdos” who believes in the reality of the UFO sightings and abductions). So my distrust of government has developed over the years to the point that I can reluctantly accept the awful concept that government officials planned and carried out terrorist attacks against its own citizens and then falsely placed the blame on “Muslim extremists”.

      • “Well, I’ve read through that handbook for the recently deceased. It says: ‘live people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual.” ~Lydia

        I related well to that line in Beetlejuice because I, myself, am strange and unusual. You’re “weirdness” doesn’t bother me. 🙂 If weird is questioning, examining and reasoning, then that’s a good thing.

        Governments behave badly, now and in the past. For me, that has always been obvious, but my parents are dissident types. I was suckled on skepticism.

        It is governments that launch wars, usually based on lies, and it’s hard to top that for evil. Even if a war isn’t directed at their own people, their own people fight it….and are killed needlessly. It’s just a change of venue for them to do it in NYC.

        This is pure speculation, but I sometimes wonder if they don’t give some alternative sites an offer they can’t refuse. We’ll let you talk about everything EXCEPT this. Carrot and stick incentives too. I don’t know that…it just makes sense to me.

        They do that with countries, where they corrupt a leader who helps them steal the resources and oppress the people. They first try a bribe and then if that doesn’t work, they send in the jackals. It wouldn’t surprise me if manipulating the alternative media is another flavor of the same.

        Of course, I also agree with that at least in many cases, people just don’t want to know. Maybe it is good now everyone is as cynical as I am, but I think we need to have the truth on an issue as important as 9/11.

        I really like everything I’ve read so far on your blog. So glad I’ve found you.

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