Posted by: mystic444 | January 8, 2012

US Navy Rescues Iranian Ship

For once I’m going to post a very short article. You thought you’d never see that happen, didn’t you?

This weekend a news article appeared about a US Navy ship rescuing 13 Iranian fishermen from Somali pirates. This, of course, was a praiseworthy action – and may there be many more such praiseworthy actions by US agencies.

We are told that this is what America is all about; would to God that were true! No doubt this incident will be used as propaganda to say: “See – Americans are the good guys! Why in the world would those evil Iranians hate the USA so much?” But let’s not lose sight of the fact that, unfortunately, this is a pretty isolated event. Despite this act of ‘good will’, the USA and its “friend” Israel have not backed off even a little bit from their lies about Iran, sanctions against that country which will hurt (and probably result in the deaths of) large numbers of innocent Iranian citizens, and threats of war in which “all options are on the table”. And I seriously doubt there will be any backing away from such war mongering.

With the type of vicious threats the USA and Israel are making against Iran, is it any wonder that Iran would not be exactly thrilled about the presence of US warships in the waters not far from their coast? And when a US ship departs from those waters that Iran should “aggressively” say “and don’t come back”?

There are basically only two things that Iran has done, because of which they are being “sanctioned” and threatened with war: (1) they are enriching uranium for the production of nuclear energy – which the USA and its allies malevolently insist is “really” to produce nuclear weapons; (2) and Iran’s leaders have firmly insisted that the Zionist regime in Jerusalem needs to vanish from the pages of time, just as the Communist regime vanished from Russia and the regime of the Shah vanished from Iran. This, of course, has been slanderously twisted to be a statement that the nation of Israel must be wiped off the face of the earth (perhaps with nuclear weapons ).  Of course, neither of those things is cause for war or threats of war.

If one wishes to bring up “civil rights abuses” in Iran, the USA is certainly not the one to do so! With the way the civil rights of US citizens have been trampled on by the “Patriot Act” and the recent National Defense Act just signed into law by President Obama; the order to assassinate a US citizen without benefit of charge or trial; the use of torture in military prisons; the indefinite detention without charge or trial of people “suspected” of terrorist connections, etc.; the USA is in no position to be ‘virtuously’ talking about what is going on in some other country.

Can we ever forget the wars of aggression the USA has been carrying on in Iraq and Afghanistan (and Pakistan and Libya – and maybe Syria in the not too distant future)? Or the Orwellian language used to justify those wars? “War is peace!” (We’re going to bring peace to your people by invading your country). “Destruction is liberation!” (We’re going to set you free by destroying your land, houses, and businesses, and by killing your citizens).

The saying attributed to Jesus Christ (peace be with him) is certainly applicable here: first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye (Matthew 7:5).

So by all means honor the US Navy for its rescue of the Iranian fishermen; but be sure you don’t let this action cause you to turn a blind eye the all of the other atrocious policies and actions of the USA.


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