Posted by: mystic444 | June 8, 2012

U.S.S Liberty – 45th Anniversary

45 years ago today – that is, on June 8, 1967 – the “Jewish State of Israel” viciously attacked the U.S. Naval Intelligence Ship “Liberty”. It was unquestionably a premeditated and deliberate attack, intended to be a ‘false flag’ attributed to Egypt in order to get the USA to retaliate against Egypt in righteous indignation.

In order to be successful in this ‘false flag’ attempt, though, it would have been necessary to kill everyone on board the ship, and sink it. Unfortunately for the intentions of “Israel”, they were foiled in this attempt – although 34 US sailors were killed and over 170 others wounded (some severely).

It was not for lack of effort on “Israel’s” part, however. After around 9 hours of surveillance flyovers, during which “Israel” was able to know without question that the ship was a U.S. ship in international waters, “Israel” spent 2 hours attacking the “Liberty” with fighter planes and torpedo boats. They even machine gunned lifeboats in which sailors were attempting to get away. (The “Liberty” was virtually an unarmed ship, having only four 50-caliber machine guns).

Even though communications were being jammed by “Israel” and communications equipment on board the ship was destroyed in the initial attacks, the crew was able eventually to send off an “SOS”. In response, US fighter planes were dispatched to rescue the “Liberty” – but amazingly the planes were recalled before they could reach the ship, by direct order of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and President Lyndon Johnson. They didn’t want to ‘embarrass’ our “ally”! President Johnson was even reported to have exclaimed that he wanted “that God damned ship” sunk!

Because they failed to kill everyone and sink the ship – and therefore the ‘false flag’ attempt was blown – “Israel” claimed it was a case of ‘mistaken identity’: they said they thought the “Liberty” was an Egyptian supply ship. However, the ship they claimed to think they were attacking was about ¼ the size of the “Liberty” and shaped quite differently; it could not conceivably be confused with the “Liberty”. In addition, the “Liberty” was flying a huge U.S. flag, and intercepted communications between the “Israeli” aircraft and their base showed they knew very well who they were attacking. In fact, at least one of the “Israeli” airmen refused to take part in the attack, and was subsequently arrested for his insubordination.

Therefore, I wish to do my small part to remind anyone who reads this of this vicious action of that lying and murdering ‘synagogue of Satan’ known as “Israel” – or inform younger people who may not be aware of it. It is clear “Israel” is no ‘friend’ of the USA – or of anyone else except their own ‘nation’ – and we would do well to recognize this fact and quit pretending otherwise.

For more information about the U.S.S. Liberty incident, you can refer to the following sites:

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