Posted by: mystic444 | July 14, 2012

What’s Going On In Syria?

We are bombarded on an almost daily basis with news reports of atrocities being committed in Syria; and consistently these atrocities are blamed on the Government of President Bashar Assad. There may be a brief statement that the Syrian Government claims outside terrorists are to blame for the civilian murders, but the ‘tone’ of the statement indicates that the news reports might as well have placed one of these icons after the statement: 🙄 , :wink:, or 😆 .

Because of this implied ridicule of the Syrian Government’s claims, we perhaps tend to overlook the fact that there really are two conflicting accounts of what is happening there; and that we really are faced with the necessity of deciding who we’re going to believe.

For instance, a couple of days ago (Thursday, 7/12/2012) there was a massacre in the town of Tremseh (al-Treimsa). The ‘world’ is outraged as “Syrian activists” report that Government tanks, helicopters, and troops carried out a deliberate slaughter of innocent and helpless civilians – according to the ‘official’ media news stories. However, the account of the Syrian Government is quite different. According to them, and the eyewitnesses they produced, terrorists (carrying out a ‘false flag’ act of slaughter) were able to come in and kill civilians because there were no Government troops present to stop them. When the Government troops were notified of what was happening, they rushed to the scene and put a stop to the destruction – killing or capturing many of the terrorists, and recovering Israeli-made weapons in the possession of the terrorists.

So the question is: “Who ya gonna believe?” (For any readers who don’t speak English as a native language, and perhaps aren’t familiar with English slang, that ‘translates’ to “Who are you going to believe?”).

For most people, the answer is obvious: “How dare anyone even insinuate that our U. S. Government and media are not telling us the truth!” This is because many people seem to be able to hold two conflicting ideas in their minds equally balanced, and genuinely believe them both. The two ideas here are: (1) When a U. S. politician’s lips are moving, you know he’s lying; and (2) We’re the good guys – our Government wouldn’t lie to us!

For me, though, the answer is equally obvious: How could you even imagine that our Government and media are telling us the truth about this? You see, I am firmly convinced of the truth of statement #1 (about the evidence derived from the movement of our politicians’ lips), and the unfortunate falsehood of statement #2. After being deceived a couple of times by the “boy who cried ‘wolf!’”, I am no longer willing to accept anything that “boy” says without incontrovertible proof.

This is especially the case concerning ‘foreign policy’ issues where the U. S. Government is acting in support of, and in collusion with, that “synagogue of Satan”: the “Jewish State of Israel”. And make no mistake: the situation in Syria (as well as all over the Middle East) is all about the “Jewish State of Israel”. In John 8:44, Jesus Christ said concerning “the Jews” who considered Abraham to be their “father” that their “father” was actually “the devil”, and they were desiring to do Satan’s works. Satan was a murderer from the beginning, and there was no truth in him. Because they are his children, it is natural for them to be murderers and liars. That is as true today as it was when Jesus said it.

The opposition to Bashar Assad has nothing to do with any immoral, unethical, or tyrannical internal policies of the Syrian Government; it has everything to do with that Government’s principled opposition to the “State  of Israel”, “Israel’s” murderous policies toward the Palestinians, her war mongering toward Iran and other Muslim majority countries, etc.

Israel and the USA are not at all interested in seeing “reform” in Syria. That would leave Assad as President rather than having a new ‘puppet regime’ in place which would be subservient to Israel. What “Babylon the Great” and the “Beast” on which she rides wish to cover up is that Assad is immensely popular among the Syrian people (whether they’re Alawite/Shia, Sunni, or Christian) and the armed opposition does not in any way represent “the people of Syria”. There is indeed an “opposition” within Syria; but they only wish to see reform of certain obnoxious policies – which they believe can be achieved within the existing Government. They do not wish Assad to resign or be overthrown. Bashar Assad has been working to achieve the desired reforms – though perhaps not as quickly as some wish. But the achievement of peaceful reform is contrary to the desires of Israel and the USA. It has been their determination for many years (going back to when Bashar Assad’s father was President of Syria) to overthrow the Syrian “anti-Israel” Government and replace it with a submissive “puppet” Government. Nothing less will do.

But in order to deflect attention from their aggressive plans, Israel and those nations allied with her (including the USA and – shamefully – a number of Arab Muslim states) have been supporting and training subversives at least since 2005 to carry out ‘false flag’ terrorist activities and instigate rebellion against a ‘demonized’ Bashar Assad. These subversives and terrorists are the armed “opposition” murdering innocents and disseminating false information implicating the Syrian Government.

Staging ‘false flags’ and spreading distortions and outright lies are ‘par for the course’ for “Israel” and the USA. Examples given in previous articles include the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1947 (“Israeli” agents dressed as Arabs); the ‘Lavon affair’ in Egypt in 1954 (Egyptian Jewish agents of Mossad disguised as Arabs planted bombs in British, American, and Egyptian buildings, planning to blame the bombing on Muslims); the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 (“Israeli” planes and submarines attacked the US ship, intending for the attack to be blamed on Egypt); and of course the ultimate ‘false flag’ of 9/11/2001 carried out by “Israeli” and US Intelligence and military agents.

Other examples can be cited, such as the infamous situation back around 1990 when, in order to lay the groundwork for the first Gulf War invasion of Iraq, a young lady dressed in Muslim garb went on camera and tearfully told of witnessing Iraqi soldiers kill babies at a hospital in Kuwait. They supposedly took the babies out of their incubators and left them to die. This story was later proven to be an entire fabrication – although the proof came too late to prevent the US sanctions and invasion. The “witness” was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the USA; and she had been trained and coached in what to say and how to say it by ‘Intelligence’ agents.

This story worked so well that “Israel” and her allies decided to revive it to use against President Bashar Assad! The story was circulated that Assad ordered the electricity cut off to a hospital in Syria, resulting in the deaths of numerous babies. For this reason, the President of Syria has been labeled by many “baby killer Assad”. Pictures were produced of the ‘dead’ babies. How horrible!

There were plenty of questions one could have asked about this story, such as why no back-up generators came on, or why apparently no one made any heroic efforts to save the babies. But it was in fact the picture that led to the downfall of that story (even though many people still call Bashar Assad a “baby killer”). It seems that the picture was in fact of some very much alive babies in an overcrowded hospital in Cairo, Egypt! This shows the depths of depravity of these children of the devil, and the lengths they will go to manufacture evidence to demonize those they wish to overthrow.

So, as I’ve said, whenever I come across news reports about the atrocities supposedly committed by “Israel’s” enemies, I automatically assume they are distortions or outright lies. As much as I would like to trust and support ‘my’ Government, I am quite unable to do so. I do believe in and support the principles found in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution; but I don’t believe those founding documents bear any very great resemblance to current US Government policies and actions (whether foreign or domestic).

In fact, I believe the situation I find at present with regard to the USA and “Israel” bears a very striking resemblance to some very graphic imagery found in the Biblical book called Revelation. In chapter 17, we are shown a ‘woman’ who is a great prostitute, who commits adultery with the kings of the earth and intoxicates the earth’s inhabitants with “the wine of her adulteries”. This great prostitute “sits on many waters” (influences many nations), but in particular she is said to be sitting on a ‘scarlet beast’, riding and controlling it. This ‘beast’ is vividly described – and I don’t pretend to have the explanation for all the details of that description. In general terms, though, the identification of the prostitute and the beast on which she is riding is fairly clear.

The prostitute, called “Babylon the Great”, is Jerusalem (and by extension, the Jewish people who are associated with that city). She is “drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus” (17:6). It is the same “great city” which in 11:8 is also called Sodom and Egypt, the city where “our Lord was crucified”.

The ‘scarlet beast’ was Rome, the city sitting on seven hills. I won’t even attempt to explain who the “seven heads” and “ten horns” were; the point here is that the great prostitute city, Jerusalem, was said to be sitting on and riding the Roman beast. Even back then, – more than 1900 years ago – the Jewish people were able to exert tremendous political influence over “the powers that be”, and it was evident to John and his readers.

John was told, though, that the ‘beast’ with its ten horns would grow tired of the prostitute, consider her a trouble maker, turn against her and destroy her (17:16-18). Even though the ‘woman’ was said to rule over the kings of the earth (verse 18), those kings would destroy her. Chapter 18 and the first part of chapter 19 describe that destruction, which was accomplished around the year 70 C. E.

Then verses 11-21 of chapter 19 assured John and his readers that this great beast – which fought against the Christian believers as well as the great prostitute (Jerusalem and the Jewish people) – would itself be destroyed. A white horse was seen, whose rider is called Faithful and True, and his name is “the word of God”. This rider on the white horse led his armies (also riding white horses) to victory over the beast.

I accept that this rider is Jesus Christ, whom God has highly exalted and made the ruler over heaven and earth. His armies may be angels, the ‘saints’ who remained loyal to him under persecution, or both. At the same time, though, I believe this is a description of unseen realities in ‘heaven’ – just as the Hebrew prophets might speak of God riding on a cloud and coming to Egypt in judgment. The ‘earthly reality’ involves earthly leaders and armies. In the case of the destruction of the beast spoken of in Revelation 19, I believe this ‘earthly reality’ was the prophet Muhammad and the Muslim people. The ‘sword coming out of the mouth’ of Jesus Christ is the message revealed to and through Muhammad (the Qur’an).

I believe that just as the first verse of the book called Revelation says that God gave His message to Jesus, who communicated it to John by means of an angel; so God gave the Qur’an to Jesus, who communicated it to Muhammad by means of the angel Gabriel. Muhammad was the “counselor” (“comforter” or “helper”) whom Jesus sent (or requested his Father to send) who would convict the world of judgment, because “the prince of this world is judged” (John 16:11). The Arab and Muslim people were the “stone which was cut out without hands” spoken of by Daniel which would fall on the toes of the statue representing human world government (the toes in particular being the final weak stages of the fourth – Roman – government) and cause the whole statue to collapse.

This stone representing the new Kingdom which “the God of Heaven” would establish would then grow to fill up the whole land previously governed by the four kingdoms Daniel saw in his visions – and even beyond that previously ruled land. This I believe to be represented by the vision in Revelation 20 in which an angel came down and bound “the dragon” (Satan) so that he could not deceive the nations any more for a thousand years.

The meaning, as I see it, was not that ‘Satan’ would be so absolutely ‘bound’ that he could not influence people of the earth; it just meant that he would no longer be able to establish corrupt human governments – such as those represented by the four beasts Daniel saw, or the four sections of the great statue. Instead, God’s kingdom was established and would progressively grow to “fill the land”.

Here’s where it gets interesting, and what I have been, in my round about way, leading up to in order to draw a comparison with what is happening today. According to John’s vision in Revelation 20, after the thousand years of Satan’s binding and the “saints’” reigning have been completed, Satan must be released again for a short while – so he can again deceive the nations and gather them together to fight against God’s people.

I have said that I believe the thousand years represent a period of time in which the Kingdom of God, established through Muhammad and the Muslim people, would predominate throughout the land previously ruled by corrupt human rulers. I don’t think it’s necessary to be able to establish a precise starting point for that “thousand years”; nor do I believe it necessary to establish a precise point for the ending of the “thousand years”. Also, I don’t believe we should understand the thousand years to be a strictly literal period. It’s just a very long period of time given in round figures. The numbers in this highly figurative book are no more to be understood literally than the images (such as the “prostitute” and the “beast”) of the book.

Whenever the “thousand years” ended, it seems clear to me that we are now living in the ‘short while’ following the ‘release of Satan’. Satan is again deceiving the nations, and we see a ‘recapitulation’ of the ‘prostitute’ and the ‘beast’ of John’s time. The ‘prostitute’ is ‘resurrected’ in a renewed version of “the synagogue of Satan” (Israel), who is “committing adultery” with the nations of the earth and ruling over the kings of the earth. The ‘beast’ is ‘reincarnated’ in the USA, “the world’s only superpower”. Just as in the Revelation it was said “Who is like the beast? And who can make war with him?”; so today the same thing can be said of the USA, and the USA takes great pride in that fact.

The resurrected ‘prostitute’ and the reincarnated ‘beast’ are indeed gathering the nations together to wage war against God’s “saints”, the “muslim” people who are devoted and submitted to God alone. Even some people who call themselves “Muslims” are allying themselves with Israel and the USA to wage war against other Muslim nations (I’m speaking of the Gulf Arab States allying with Israel and the USA) in direct defiance of the Qur’an they claim to honor. The Qur’an tells them not to make alliances with the Christians and the Jews against their own Muslim brothers and sisters. But they are more concerned with the things of this world than with obedience to God.

It is those who remain loyal to God, and who will not give allegiance to the ‘prostitute’ (Israel) and the ‘beast’ (the USA) – such as Syria, Iran, the Lebanese ‘Hezbollah’, and the Palestinians – who are God’s ‘saints’. They may be assured that no matter how desperate the situation may appear, God’s judgment will deliver them (‘fire will come down out of heaven’). How that judgment will manifest I can’t say; but I am assured that it will.

Will the nations allied with Israel and the USA attack Syria and Iran around the time of the US elections this year? And will, as a consequence, some judgment of God occur toward the end of the year (in keeping with all the hooplah about the Mayan calendar) which will completely alter things as we know them and bring about a “new heavens and new earth” (an entirely different order of things)? 😀 Well, I’m certainly not going to predict such an occurrence, although it’s an interesting concept to play around with. I guess we’ll know for sure by the end of the year. 🙂

Of this I’m certain, though: I absolutely do not believe the propaganda being circulated in the news media about Syria and Iran, and I am confident that the Infinite will vindicate them and the rest of ‘His’ loyal people.



  1. [Comment by Stephen Parker/Mystic444 – I am thinking about responding to this with a blog article. If and when I do so, I’ll post the link to the article here.]

    [The response article is Fables, Lies, and Nonsense.]

    The Synagogue of Satan is anyone Christian or Muslim who thinks they can replace Israel and the Jewish People as God’s select. Israel does not exist by the hand of any Man. But only by the HAND OF GOD. Not Allah, the Arab Pagan Godhead. But the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel.
    Your attempt to put any of the blame on what is happening in Syria on Israel’s desire to have Sunni, Wahhabi, Salafis, controlling Syria is patently insane. That these “rebels” would be in possession of “weapons made in Israel” is beyond ridiculous.
    The “Palestinians” are not a real people. Anyone with any knowledge of the Middle East, knows Arabs were Arabs, and Jews were Palestinians. Until the mid 60’s when the Arabs decided to create an identity for the Arabs occupying Jewish land. That the other Arab nations chose to hold these people as refugees and keep them as “Israel’s problem”, rather than settle them and give them the opportunity to create new lives for themselves is heinous and completely inline with the evil beast Islam and it’s less than savory, false prophet Mohammad. Innocence of Muslims was not an accident, but a true account of the life of this imposter, and hate filled monster.
    When you speak with venom against Israel and you call it a “prostitute”. You are bringing the ire of the true God on your own head. You will reap the hatred and vileness of your sickness, back upon yourself and your ignorant people who believe the nonsense you are spewing.

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