Posted by: mystic444 | July 29, 2012

Syrian ‘Activists’ Admit The Truth!

Sometimes even the most flagrant liars will let slip the truth, although perhaps without realizing the huge admission they’re making. In a Yahoo News article, a ‘rebel commander’ had this to say about the invasion of the major city of Aleppo in Syria:

“We liberated the rural parts of this province. We waited and waited for Aleppo to rise, and it didn’t. We couldn’t rely on them to do it for themselves so we had to bring the revolution to them,” said a rebel commander in a nearby village, who calls himself Abu Hashish.

Toward the end of the article, this ‘rebel commander’ made this statement, explaining why, he believes, the people of Aleppo aren’t willing to fight against the Syrian Government:

Outside the city, rebel commander Abu Hashish says more sacrifices are necessary, and that the time has come for his urban brothers to share the burden.

“In Aleppo they only think about trade, about money. They think about their own life, they think about their children’s future. They don’t fight the regime because they care about the here and now,” he said.

That was a tremendous admission; and what he said about the people of Aleppo is true of the people of Syria in general. We need to get it into our heads that it is NOT “the people of Syria” who are rising in violent revolt against their Government; it is outsiders who are seeking to impose their will on “the people of Syria”! These outsiders are financed, armed, and trained by a vicious alliance between “the Jewish State of Israel”, “Western States” such as the USA and Britain, and bigoted sectarian Saudi/Sunni terrorists who are willing to form an alliance with their mortal enemy (“Israel”) in order to accomplish a mutually desired goal of getting rid of the anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian Government of Syria (which happens to also be Alawite/Shiite – which sectarian Sunnis and Salafis hate). Support for those outsiders is NOT support for “the people of Syria”.

Islam is not essentially an ascetic religion. Muslims are encouraged to enjoy the good things of this life unless and until such enjoyment interferes with righteous and godly living. While those terrorist outsiders accuse the Syrian people of not fighting because they’re concerned with the things of this life, in fact the people of Syria just recognize that the Bashar Assad Government is basically good for them and it has not given them any reason to fight against it. They may desire reform of some bad policies, but they see no reason to advocate the overthrow of the Government. Therefore they have no reason to abandon the good things of this life in order to fight an ungodly war against their Government.

The terrorists may pat themselves on the back for being willing to sacrifice ‘this world’, but they’re doing so in a bad cause; therefore their ‘sacrifice’ is both unnecessary and unrighteous.

We hear US and Israeli politicians frequently saying that “Israel has the right to defend itself”. How often do we hear them say that Palestinians have the right to defend themselves? Or that Syria and Iran have the right to defend themselves against attack? The US military takes a pledge to defend the USA against all enemies both foreign and domestic; don’t the militaries of Syria, Iran, and Palestine have the same right? But we never hear that, do we? Instead, when Iran (for instance) makes a public statement about how they will respond to an attack against them, our leaders exclaim in horror at the “evil” and “aggressive” attitude of Iran! 🙄 😆

It is the “Jewish State of Israel” which is the aggressor in the Middle East. They are the ones who invaded the land of Palestine, murdering or expelling the Palestinian inhabitants, destroying their cities, and burning their fields and crops. They are the ones who are constantly stirring up trouble and threatening warfare against other Middle Eastern countries. It is “Israel” which is the biggest terrorist State in the world (with the possible exception of the USA – but “Israel” and the USA are marching in ‘lockstep’, as President Obama said). Not to be overly crude, I’ll just say that “Israel” is the “armpit” of the world. Anyone who makes an alliance with them is making an alliance with “the devil”; while it is “the camp of the saints” who make a principled stand against that “demonic” State and its allies.



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