Posted by: mystic444 | April 25, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombing

Last Saturday (4/20/13) I attended a meeting at the church my wife attends, celebrating the anniversary of the church. There were 2 or 3 preachers present (other than the pastor of the church) who were given the opportunity to speak at the meeting.

The first speaker (other than the pastor) began by excitedly praising God that the Boston bombers had been caught. With a big happy grin on his face, he commented that you can’t mess with the U. S. A.! Since this church is one of those which frequently dwells on the idea that we’re living in the ‘last days’ spoken of in the Bible (despite the fact that the New Testament writers emphatically stated that they themselves were living in the ‘last days’ – not of the world, though, but of Jerusalem and Israel), I couldn’t restrain myself from responding by whispering to my wife this quotation from the book of Revelation (13:4): “and they worshiped the beast, saying, ‘Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?’” It’s quite ironic that those who are so vociferous about the ‘soon coming’ of the beast and ‘the mark of the beast’ turn out to be among those who worship the modern day reincarnation of the beast (the USA)! 😆

The next preacher, though, began immediately to talk about the evils of our Government and how it is not to be trusted. I had to wonder if I was the only one present who saw the contradiction between the two preachers.

I am in agreement with the second speaker with regard to the trustworthiness of our Government. I am not one of those who are able to hold equally balanced in their minds two contradictory principles, and believe them both. Those two principles are:

(1) When a politician’s lips are moving, you know he/she is lying.
(2) Our Government wouldn’t lie to us; we’re the good guys!

I firmly believe in the principle that an accused person is to be considered innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Apparently our Government and many citizens no longer believe in that principle, though. For instance, our President called on the citizens of the United States to not jump to conclusions about the motivations of the accused bombers; but he is quite happy for them to ‘jump to a conclusion’ about the guilt of the accused. This has been assumed from the moment that the brothers – Tamerlan and Dzhohkar Tsarnaev – were ‘fingered’ for the crime.

That their guilt has been assumed by most people is obvious. For instance, besides the first preacher I mentioned above (with the delighted approval of the congregation), a ‘friend’ of the younger (still living) brother – Dzhokhar – commented that Dzhokhar had never given any indications of such violent tendencies; and even the day after the event he was acting normal. But instead of wondering whether the police may have accused the wrong people, since the character of his ‘friend’ did not match up with that of a radical terrorist, he just marveled at the nerve shown by Dzhokhar in returning to campus and acting as if nothing had happened.

The same is true of the family of Tamerlan’s wife: instead of wondering if the police had killed the wrong person, they just said that ‘obviously’ they had never really known the real character of Tamerlan. His guilt was assumed just because he was accused. I suppose it must be that the police or Government would never accuse someone who was not definitely guilty!

At least there are some friends and relatives of the brothers who refuse to believe the accusations  in the face of a lot of very reasonable doubt: their parents, an aunt, and a number of friends of Dzhokhar.

Pictures were produced of two men wearing backpacks at the Marathon; obviously that is so ‘suspicious’ as to make those two men indisputably guilty of planting the ‘pressure cooker’ bombs. Right? Well then what about the two navy seals, supposedly taking part in a terrorist ‘training exercise’, who were also wearing similar backpacks?

Why aren’t they also suspects? Why at least does the fact of the presence of others with such backpacks not constitute ‘reasonable doubt’ concerning the guilt of the Tsarnaev brothers?

But those others aren’t Muslims, and the Governments of “Israel” and the USA need more Muslim terrorists to revive or keep alive the hatred of everything Islamic – and maintain the support for more wars against Muslim nations for the benefit of “Israel”. Obviously only Muslims will suit to be ‘fall guys’.

At first the FBI said they were completely unaware of the Tsarnaevs before they were identified in the pictures. However after the brothers’ mother was interviewed by Press TV and she told about a previous investigation performed by the FBI at least a couple of years ago (at the request of a foreign Government – probably Russia), they had to backtrack and acknowledge that they had indeed done that previous investigation. But the FBI now wants us to believe that afterward they just forgot about the Tsarnaevs! If you’re gullible enough to believe that, then you’re a prime candidate to purchase some beach front property in the eastern suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. 😆

The mother of the brothers, though, insists that the FBI had been “controlling” her sons ever since. I suspect that she meant ‘monitoring’ rather than “controlling”; but at any rate, she maintains that her sons were never out of the sights of the FBI. They knew every e-mail her sons sent, and every Internet site they visited. So if the Tsarnaevs are indeed guilty, why didn’t the FBI know about it beforehand and stop them before they could do the damage? There’s something really ‘fishy’ about this!

But the FBI did not find any evidence of ‘extremist connections’ 2 years ago, they haven’t since, and they still can’t show any links to terrorist organizations. Why does that not constitute ‘reasonable doubt’ of their guilt?

I read today that just after the bombing, Tamerlan called his mother and told her everything was okay, thanks be to Allah. Apparently that is supposed to be very suspicious, as if he had meant “everything is going  according to plan”. I wonder how many other people called, texted, or sent e-mails to friends and family to let them know “I’m okay, thank God” – in order to alleviate any worries they might have after hearing about the bombing? Were such calls also suspicious?

Here is the last Facebook message which Dzhokhar sent to his father: “This will be the last message before the police will get me. I never done it, they set me up. Father please forgive me. I am sorry it has come to this.” He said that he was “set up”; yet now we are being told that in the hospital he has told his interrogators that he and Tamerlan were not in contact with terrorist organizations, but were ‘self radicalized’ by means of the Internet. This new information, though, comes from ‘anonymous’ sources and has not been ‘officially’ confirmed. [Update: this morning – 4/25/13 – the reports are saying that FBI officials have ‘confirmed’ the supposed ‘confession’ of Dzhokhar; but they are still doing so anonymously as they haven’t been ‘authorized’ to release that information.] Are you gullible enough to believe this new ‘information’?

Well I’m not. I know of far too  many examples of lies, distortions, and ‘spin’ produced to vilify people the Government wishes to accuse of some crime. For instance there was the time (1990?) the Iraqi army was accused of removing babies from their incubators in a hospital in Kuwait, in order to prepare the US to support an invasion of Iraq. This was a complete fabrication, and the young woman who claimed to be a nurse who witnessed this fabricated atrocity and who tearfully recounted her supposed experience before the TV cameras, was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador – and she was trained and coached by US agents in what to say and how to say it.

This fabrication was put into play again against President Assad of Syria. He supposedly had electrical power cut off to a hospital in Syria, resulting in the deaths of many babies. This too was a complete falsehood; and the pictures shown to ‘prove’ it were taken of very much alive babies in a hospital in Egypt!

Again, there was the infamous “yellowcake memo” produced to prove that Iraq was attempting to produce nuclear power for military use. Of course, it also turned out to be a complete lie.

Then consider the way a statement of Ayatollah Khomeini and Iranian President Ahmadinejad was distorted in order to produce the lie that Iran is seeking to destroy the nation of “Israel”, probably by nuclear weapons. They are still being accused of saying that “Israel” must be wiped off the face of the map (or the earth); when they actually said that the “present regime occupying Jerusalem” will cease “from the pages of time”. What they intended was made clear by comparing this with the cessation of the Communist regime in the USSR, and the cessation of the regime of the Shah of Iran. Neither of these nations were “wiped off the face of the map/earth” when the regimes were removed.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of contemptible lies and distortions produced by Government and Government Agencies; and I haven’t even touched on any of the many lies relating to the Israeli/U.S. ‘false flag’ operation known as 9/11. So I most emphatically do not believe the anonymous rumors beginning to circulate about a supposed confession by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. No doubt these (false) rumors are deliberately being fed to our controlled media for them to circulate widely. It won’t be long before no ‘official’ confirmation is needed; it will just be something everyone “knows” to be a fact. Our Government and/or media wouldn’t deceive us, would they? We’re the “good guys”! 🙄 Yet we’ll continue to repeat the ‘proverb’ that you know a politician is lying by the movement of his or her lips.

I, of course, have no way to know what Dzhokhar really wrote – if he actually wrote anything at all. However, knowing something of how our Government and police agencies lie, distort, and ‘spin’ things to suit their agenda, I can imagine that it might be something like this:

The interrogators ask Dzhokhar to tell them what terrorist agents he and his brother worked with, and he writes that they were not working with any agents. This then becomes ‘interpreted’ to mean that he is confessing to being ‘self radicalized’ rather than having been in contact with ‘extremists’. Then perhaps Dzhokhar writes that his brother found information on Islam on the Internet; and that was ‘interpreted’ to mean that he got plans for constructing and using bombs from the Internet! That’s how things get twisted to suit an agenda. Then when this twisted ‘confession’ is widely circulated by the media, it becomes impossible to disprove it.

This is why the ‘reading of rights’ is important for the accused. Those rights state that the accused has the right to remain silent, inasmuch as anything he/she says can and will be used against him/her in a court of law. That is literally true; police, lawyers, and Government can find a way to ‘spin’ the most innocent and innocuous statements into evidence or proof of guilt of the alleged crime. In Dzhokhar’s case, President Obama himself ordered that he not be informed prior to interrogation of his right to remain silent. The alleged ‘confession’ was obtained before he was informed of his rights. Once he was informed, he wisely quit answering questions.

What about the shootouts with the police? Doesn’t the fact that the brothers attempted to flee, and then engaged in a shootout, prove their guilt? Well, first of all there exists some reason to doubt the accounts of the shootout as they have been reported. For instance, it has been reported that Dzhokhar fired at the police multiple times before he was captured in the boat. However, other officials report that Dzhokhar was unarmed, and no weapon can be located. If he was unarmed, how is it that he was able to shoot at police? Of course, a weapon may later be ‘found’; but due to the way ‘officials’ lie and fabricate evidence, I don’t trust them “any further than I can throw them”, as the saying goes; and in my case, that means I don’t trust them at all.

However, at least for the sake of the argument, I will allow the accounts to stand. Is that proof of the Tsarnaevs’ guilt regarding the bombing? No, it is not. Even in the popular police dramas on TV (like NCIS) – which are of course admittedly fictional – it is over and over shown that suspects may have many other reasons to attempt to flee than being guilty of the crime for which they are suspected. You can pretty much count on it that in every episode the agents will approach a ‘person of interest’ who will flee as soon as he sees them. Then it will later turn out that the suspect thought it was someone to whom he owed money, or thugs hired by the husband of a woman with whom he was having an adulterous affair – or just the fact that he has an ‘unreasonable’ fear of police (perhaps he is a paranoid conspiracy theorist 😀 ).

In the case of the Tsarnaev brothers, let me ask you to allow – for the sake of the argument – that they are in fact innocent of the bombing. Try to put yourself in their shoes. You’re Muslim, and perhaps so ‘radically’ so that you actually pray 5 times per day, don’t drink alcoholic beverages, and are disturbed by the immorality of American culture! (Wow, that’s really ‘extreme’, isn’t it?) In addition, you are known to have the gall to dislike America’s wars against Muslim nations, and are disgusted with the way the Bible is used to ‘justify’ them.

Now, knowing that you are completely innocent of any criminal actions, yet you find out that you are being framed to be the ‘fall guys’ for a despicable act of terrorism. In addition, you are familiar with the travesty of justice that prevails in the USA – particularly for immigrant Muslims since 9/11/2001 – and realize that when the Government agents are out to ‘finger’ you for a crime you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of establishing your innocence. You know that you will be intimidated, threatened (including perhaps threats against your family), and tortured (waterboarding, for instance) until you give them the ‘confession’ they want – perhaps being sent to the notorious Guantanamo prison. You know that the “justice” system will twist your statements and actions to suit its agenda, and will not hesitate to completely fabricate and ‘plant’ evidence against you (as it has already begun doing).

Don’t you suppose that in anger, fear, and despair you might perhaps seek to flee when the police come to get you; and if you have any weapons you might return fire when the police start shooting at you? I won’t say that is the ‘best’ or the ‘right’ response to the situation; but can’t you imagine how you might really feel ‘justified’ in that response?

I, for one, find that there is a lot of ‘reasonable doubt’ concerning the guilt of the accused in this case. I believe they are being ‘framed’ in a deliberate ‘false flag’ set up for the sake of “Israel’s” wars against Muslim nations. And I can understand their reaction to police attempts to arrest them (without saying I believe it was the ‘right’ thing to do) – supposing those shoot-out reports are correct and not part of the fabricated evidence against the brothers.



  1. LOL the labeling sucks.

  2. Thanks Mystic 444
    Ladies in my community are seriously upset.
    They realize what is going on……..finally.
    Such is life.
    The heck with the Zionists.

    • Thank you, MJ! It’s good that the first comment on this article is from someone who doesn’t think I’m an unpatriotic “Nazi-loving” “antisemitic” idiot for indulging in “conspiracy theories” and daring to suggest that the US and Israeli Governments are not “the Good Guys”! 😀

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