Posted by: mystic444 | May 3, 2013

Tsarnaev Brothers’ Innocence Proved

In my previous article, The Boston Marathon Bombing, I argued that the Tsarnaevs’ guilt should not be automatically presumed just because Government agencies accused them; and I argued that there is a lot of ‘reasonable doubt’ concerning their guilt.

Since then, however, I have become aware that there is not only ‘reasonable doubt’ of their guilt; there is also conclusive proof of their innocence.

The established facts of the case are that the bombers carried their bombs to the site in backpacks. They then took off the backpacks and left them at the site. The bombs subsequently exploded while still in the backpacks, thus shredding those backpacks. Pictures are available of at least one of the blown up backpacks.

Obviously, then, pictures of the bombers subsequent to the explosions would not show them still wearing the backpacks. However, as Dr. Kevin Barrett showed in an excellent article –The Brothers Tsarnaev: The Lee Harvey Oswalds of the Boston bombings – the photos of the Tsarnaevs following the explosions show that they were still wearing the backpacks. Please read Dr. Barrett’s article and examine the evidence for yourselves.

The exploded backpack shown in pictures had a distinctive white square on its top, and the only person photographed wearing such a backpack was a member of the US military (a navy seal, I believe). Neither of the Tsarnaev brothers was wearing a backpack with a white square on it. The military person who was wearing such a backpack was photographed running from the explosion site no longer wearing his backpack!

So who were the bombers? Obviously, they were not Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; and strong photographic evidence implicates members of the US military who were supposedly participating in a simulated emergency “training exercise”. The Tsarnaevs were incontestably ‘framed’ and ‘set up’ for a terrorist activity of which they were entirely innocent.

The fact that the Tsarnaevs left the scene of the bombings still wearing their backpacks is confirmed by the new ‘evidence’ being submitted by the accusers of the brothers! We are being told that some friends of Dzhokhar found the backpack in his apartment, containing fireworks from which the powder had been removed; and they supposedly sought to hide this ‘evidence’. Yet the very fact that the backpack was in the apartment where it could be ‘found’ completely exonerates Dzhokhar from complicity in the terrorism! It establishes his innocence rather than his guilt!

The presence of fireworks – minus the powder – proves absolutely nothing. Perhaps the fireworks were placed in the backpack by FBI agents while no one was in the apartment, as part of the frame up. Or it could have happened something like this (this is pure speculation, of course; and any ‘quotations’ are purely imaginary):

FBI agents (or other Federal agents) could have approached Tamerlan and Dzhokhar to request that they participate in the ‘training exercise’ by carrying ‘suspicious looking’ backpacks. Perhaps they phrased the request something like this: “You know that you guys have been investigated by both the FBI and CIA, and are presently on a CIA watch list. Now we don’t really believe that you are guilty of any criminal activity. But you guys could go a long way toward officially clearing your names if you would help us with this training exercise. Wear these backpacks containing fireworks to give our agents practice in identifying ‘suspicious activity’; and just in case you should actually be questioned, remove the powder from the fireworks. That way it will be obvious that you’re just taking part in the simulation and couldn’t possibly be doing anything nefarious.”

All the while, of course, the FBI was planning on double crossing the brothers and ‘framing’ them for the bombing. They would then claim that the powder from the fireworks was used in the bombs – despite the fact that other experts have acknowledged that the amount of powder contained in the fireworks could not possibly have produced the powerful explosions that actually occurred.

Our Government, or Government agencies, who planned and carried out this malicious deception and act of murder, are the ones who are truly despicable – not Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev or the Islam they believed and practiced. The modern incarnations of “the Beast” and “the Great Whore” who rides on the back of “the Beast” (the USA and Israel) needed another “Muslim terrorist” event to rekindle or keep alive the flames of Islamophobia – so they would have continuing support for more wars against Muslim nations on behalf of Israel – so they fabricated such an event. Please refuse to “bear the mark of the Beast”: don’t support the Governments of the USA and “the Jewish State of Israel” in their vicious practices.

All of the other bits of innuendo and inference which are fed to the media by unidentified people who give no details are simply meaningless for anyone who will use his/her head to actually think about what is being said. For instance, what in the world is meant by saying one of the brothers “vaguely” talked about “jihad” with his mother? And what would be wrong if they did even “explicitly” talk about “jihad”? Of course, it is intended that we equate “jihad” with “terrorism” – as if by talking about “jihad” they were discussing bombing schools, churches, other public buildings, or the Boston Marathon! That completely ignores the actual meaning of “jihad”: “struggle”. Such “struggle” is most often in reference to personal inner struggle against one’s own faults – or struggle against error and lies by verbal or written means (such as Dr. Kevin Barrett’s blog site which he calls “Truth Jihad”). Even when it is used of militant actions, it refers to legitimate fighting against those who have first attacked you, not indiscriminate killing which includes innocent noncombatants.

Again, what does it matter if the brothers’ mother is known to have spoken to someone who it turns out was under FBI investigation (for an ‘unrelated’ crime)? (1) The fact that the FBI is investigating someone does not mean the person is actually guilty of the crime for which he/she is being investigated. (2) Even if the investigated person is indeed guilty of a crime, how many of the people to whom he/she spoke do you suppose were even aware of the crime – or the investigation? Perhaps you have spoken with a banker who is under investigation for banking fraud or embezzlement. Is your speaking with that banker somehow suspicious? Do you know your next-door-neighbor well enough to be aware of any crime he may have secretly committed? Does the fact that you speak to that neighbor make you a “shady character” if it turns out the neighbor has committed a crime? (3) When the mother spoke with this person who was being investigated, what did they talk about? Did their conversation have anything to do with any criminal activity, or was it just totally innocent conversation? (“Hi. How are you doing today? What do you think about background checks for people purchasing guns?” etc.)

We are now being told that the Boston Marathon was not the originally intended target of the Tsarnaev brothers; supposedly they originally planned on bombing the July 4th celebration! However, since the Tsarnaevs provably did not do the Boston Marathon bombing, then we know for sure that this new ‘information’ is just another fabrication and malicious lie meant to demonize even further the innocent brothers. Perhaps, of course, the FBI (or whatever other Government agencies were involved) did in fact intend to use July 4th for their false flag terrorism event; and for some reason they decided to move it up. But again, the accused brothers are totally innocent of complicity – unless, as I speculated, they agreed to be ‘actors’ in a simulated “terrorist event”.

The motto of the “Israeli” Mossad is: “By way of deception thou shalt do war”. The US Government and its agencies are the same in practice even though they don’t openly use that as a motto.



  1. Mystic, I love this article and will post an excerpt at TUT. You are one of the few who has an excellent understanding of Islam.

    • Thanks for the kind words, MJ. I have had a lot of help in coming to a good understanding of Islam. Of course, a major source of my understanding comes from reading the Qur’an in English translation/”interpretation”. I have used primarily 3 English versions: Muhammad Assad, Yusuf Ali, and Abdel Haleem.

      In addition, I have been blessed to find a book or two, plus a number of good sites online for Muslim commentary. For instance when I first started ‘investigating’ Islam in February 2010, I found an excellent book at the Public Library by Imam Feisul Abdul Rauf. Some of the sites I’ve found very helpful are listed in the links on the right side of my blog page: Dr. Hesham Hassaballa’s blog Midwestern Muslim, Sheila Musaji’s The American Muslim, and Ascertain the Truth by Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq. I have also found a good bit of helpful information on the Loonwatch site – particularly the occasional very informative articles by ‘Danios’ (even though he himself is apparently not a Muslim, and even claims to be an atheist. His articles are extremely well researched and documented, and he is about as fair and honest as one can possibly be without having actually embraced Islam.).

      May you always walk in God’s peace and kindness.

  2. How do you explain the carjacking victim that the brothers let go? According to him they said they were the bombers and admitted to killing a campus officer. He also said that the only reason that he wasn’t killed was because he wasn’t a american.

    • Hello again, Rich G. The answer to your question is rather simple. As I showed in this article, it is PROVABLE that the Tsarnaevs were not involved in the bombing. Neither of them was wearing a backpack with the white square which was on the backpack used in the bombing, and both were still wearing their backpacks after the explosion; while a military (or paramilitary) agent was wearing such a backpack (with the white square) prior to the explosion, but was not wearing it afterward.

      Since it is provable that the brothers did not plant the bomb, then any alleged confession made by them is a fabrication. Whether it is the alleged carjacking victim who lied, or the FBI/media who lied about the supposed statement, it is nevertheless a lie. I don’t remember whether there was a direct media interview with the alleged carjacking victim; for all I know what we have is “the media say that the FBI said that the carjacking victim said that the Tsarnaev brothers said…”

      What I am sure of is that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sent a Facebook message to his father saying that he did not participate in the bombing, and that he was set up. (This was referred to- with a link to a site showing the Facebook page – in my previous article on the Boston Marathon bombing). Any other alleged ‘confession’ is at best a second hand report, not a direct provable statement of one of the brothers.

      Even if the alleged carjacking victim did himself claim to have heard the brothers confess to the bombing, I will just believe that we have here a repetition of the fabricated hospital incubator incident in Kuwait in 1990. The daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, under the direction of U. S. Federal agents, gave a tearful account of having witnessed Iraqi soldiers remove infants from incubators, leaving them to die on the floor. But it was all a lie. So this victim’s alleged statement is also a (provable) falsehood.

      I see more and more evidence to indicate that pretty much everything we have been told about the Tsarnaevs’ actions is a complete lie. The brothers were not involved in a shoot out with the police; they were both arrested while they were unharmed, and shot by the police after being handcuffed and arrested. Dzhokhar did not even have a weapon; isn’t it amazing how an unarmed man shot at police! I won’t question – at this time, at least – that a security guard was shot and killed. But I will assume that the Tsarnaev’s are being framed for that just as much as they are being framed for the bombing itself. Those who are cold hearted and evil enough to set off a bomb that will kill or injure many innocent people, and then deliberately frame someone else for the bombing, are certainly not above shooting an innocent security guard and then blaming the shooting on ‘patsies’ they are deliberately framing.

      The problem I see with U. S. citizens in general (at least it seems this way) is that they are gullible enough to think that anything the FBI says and CNN reports must be true. I, on the other hand, don’t trust the Government and its agents (including those agents of the “ministry of propaganda”, the news media) any further than I can throw them. I almost automatically assume that anything the Government says, and which the controlled media reports, is either ‘spin’ or an out-and-out lie. Our Government has a long history of deception and falsehood; and they are “joined at the hip” with those masters of deception, the Israelis and Jewish Zionists. When I do think they might conceivably be actually telling the truth is when they report something which invalidates the ‘official storyline’ they are trying to present – such as the report that friends of Dzhokhar found the backpack in his room. Since that would prove the innocence of Dzhokhar, I accept that the FBI/media accidentally let the truth slip through – wrongly thinking they were actually strengthening their case.

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