Posted by: mystic444 | January 27, 2014

False Flag Terrorist Event at Upcoming Superbowl?

A couple of days ago I came across a link – in the members’ area of Dr. Kevin Barrett’s “Truth Jihad” blog site – to an article concerning a planned false-flag terrorist attack on the upcoming (February 2, 2014) ‘Superbowl’. I don’t know whether this is legitimate, or disinformation designed to make “conspiracy nuts” like me look foolish when it is exposed as a hoax. Either scenario is to me quite believable.

Because it is such a serious thing if it is indeed true, I decided to go ahead and post the link: . Check it out and decide what you think.

I suppose that if it is true, it is useless to propose a major investigation beforehand to try to stop it; so many “Intelligence”, military, and law enforcement agencies would be involved in the plot that no true investigation would be permitted.

Quite naturally I hope that this “terrorist” event does not take place. It’s too horrible to really think about. Whether it’s all a hoax; or the plotters call it off because the plot is being exposed; or ET’s from the “Galactic Federation” intervene (secretly or publicly) to stop it (!); whatever, I sure hope it never happens.

But if such a horrible event does occur, you may be sure that the true story of what happened will be quite different from what our treasonous Government tells us!



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