Posted by: mystic444 | February 3, 2014

Happy About the Super Bowl

I’m extremely happy about the outcome of the Super Bowl yesterday (February 2, 2014); but I don’t mean that I’m happy because Seattle won. I’m not much of a sports fan, and simply had no favorite team in this Bowl game. I guess you could say that I’m happy for Seattle, but sad for Denver. If the situation were reversed, I would be just as happy for Denver and just as sad for Seattle.

What I’m really happy about is simply the fact that there was an outcome to the game – rather than the major false flag attack which some had claimed was planned for that event, and which I referred to (and linked to) in my last article. The predictions had called for bombs which would close off exits from the stadium, and the release of toxic gas to cause tremendous pain and death among both players and spectators. I am so happy that this did not in fact happen!

I will assume that the prediction was a hoax to instill fear in people, and to try to make fools out of ‘conspiracy theorists’ who would fall for the deception. However, I’m also willing to make allowance that the terrorist event was actually planned, but was cancelled when the plot was exposed; or that heavy security measures prevented it. I’m also even willing to allow for the possibility that extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation worked in secret to prevent the attack.

Yes, someone may claim that the fact that the plot was ‘exposed’ prevented it from actually being implemented. But I guess one might respond by saying that’s like the man carrying a big stick while walking in New York City. When someone asked him why he had the stick, he said “that’s my elephant stick”. When the objection was made that there are no elephants on the streets of New York City, he responded: “See, it works!”

Someone else may say that the extreme security measures implemented by law enforcement at the Super Bowl prevented any terrorist activity. One could respond to that idea, though, that that’s like the mafia style ‘protection’ rackets: they protected people from their own thugs – for a price. In this case, the “price” is the willingness of US citizens to submit to those very oppressive, freedom-violating, and unconstitutional ‘security measures’. If we’ll pay the price of the loss of liberty, our Government and law enforcement will ‘protect’ us from their own terrorists!

One is reminded of Saudi Prince Bandar telling Russian President Putin that he (Bandar) would ensure that ‘Muslim terrorists’ would not attack the Sochi Olympic Games if Putin would just agree to cease his support for Syrian President Assad. He said that he could offer this protection because he controlled those terrorists! That of course is simply the same as saying: “Mr. Putin, if you’ll pay the price, I’ll protect you from my thugs!”

Well, whatever may be the case – hoax; prevention by exposure; or prevention by heavy security measures (or by hidden ET intervention) – I’m just glad the false flag event didn’t happen. And I hope that future terrorist events (whether genuine or false flags) will also be prevented – or predictions of such events turn out to be hoaxes.


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