Posted by: mystic444 | July 13, 2014

Israeli “Self Defense” and Pursuit of Peace

Imagine the situation where organized crime (let’s call it the Mafia) has taken control of a neighborhood or town. Mafia agents have by illicit means gained control of houses and businesses and have evicted or murdered legitimate residents or business people. Those whom they have allowed to stay are subject to a ‘protection racket’: the Mafia promises ‘protection’ in exchange for a fee. The only problem is that the violence from which the people are being ‘protected’ is the violence the Mafia will perform if the people don’t pay the ‘protection’ fee.

Now imagine further that some of the oppressed people (whether those who were evicted and the families of those who were murdered, or those who have been permitted to remain) decide to resist the powerful Mafia; they refuse to pay the ‘protection’ money and meet the Mafia collectors with weapons – or those who were evicted form armed militias to take back their former possessions. Question: does the criminal Mafia have a legal right of ‘self defense’ against the resistance of the oppressed residents/former residents and business people? Are the residents/former residents ‘terrorists’ for violently resisting the oppression of the criminal Mafia?

I would think that anyone possessing any ‘common sense’ would join me in answering with an emphatic “NO” to those questions. The resistance of the oppressed against the Mafia is the legitimate act of self defense; and the agents of resistance are brave and ‘heroes’ even if their resistance is weak and mostly futile. The so-called ‘self defense’ of the Mafia is instead just a continuation of their criminal aggression. The only ‘right’ the Mafia has is to cease and desist from its oppression and terrorism.

This is precisely the situation with the “Jewish State of Israel” and Palestine. The “Jewish State of Israel” is organized crime. From the very beginnings of “Zionism”, the Jewish Zionists sought to evict or kill the legitimate occupants of Palestine and form their own nation of “Israel”. In this effort they have been partially successful, forming the nation of “Israel” in 1948. Thus far, though, they have not managed to steal the whole “Promised Land” (from the Nile to the Euphrates); so far they have been forced to allow a portion of the land to remain in the possession of Palestinians – though even that portion is actually under “Israeli” control. Palestine is still not formally recognized as a “State” – though “Israel” demands their own right to exist as a “Jewish State”. Palestine is not allowed to form their own military and “legally” obtain weapons; those resistance groups who sneak in weapons and make weak and mostly ineffectual efforts at active resistance are labeled “terrorists”.

The organized crime family of “Israel” has duped “Western” nations into accepting the idea that they had a right to murder or evict the residents of Palestine; and that their present continuation of aggression against the Palestinians is simply ‘self defense’ in pursuit of their supposed “right” to exist as a nation in stolen territory. Just as the Mafia had/has ‘bought and paid for’ representatives in police and government who cover for and protect Mafia activities; so “Israel” has “bought and paid for” representatives in “Western” government, military, media, and entertainment who loudly maintain the ‘justice’ of the “Israeli” cause, and make sure “Western” governments continue to support “Israel’s” ‘right of self defense’ against those Palestinian ‘terrorists’.

That, of course, is as much a load of excrement as the Mafia claiming they have the right to “defend themselves” against the people whom they oppress. I for one simply will not acknowledge such a “right” for the “Israelis”; but I will most certainly grant that right to the oppressed Palestinians who have the courage to resist “Israeli” crime and corruption – whether that resistance is labeled “Hamas”, “Hezbollah”, or just simply “Palestinian resistance”. Long live that resistance, and may the “Jewish State” be dissolved and government of the whole land (currently divided between “Israel” and “Palestine”) be returned to the Palestinians.

Another deception of the “Israelis” is the idea that all they want is “peace”. Jewish propagandists repeat over and over that “Israel” has continually pursued “peace”, but those awful Palestinians just won’t accept it! This is another load of excrement. Those Jews who genuinely do desire to pursue peace are those who are siding with the Palestinians – with varying degrees of consistency, however. The most consistent are those such as “Neturei Karta” who openly proclaim that “Zionism” was an evil thing from its beginnings toward the end of the 19th century, and the consequent “Jewish State of Israel” has absolutely no legitimacy. They agree that the “Jewish State” should be dissolved, and the land and its government be returned to the Palestinian people from whom the land was stolen. The less consistent somehow adhere to the essential “right” of the “Israeli State” to exist, but denounce present day atrocities committed by that State (such as illegal settlements in the occupied territories, and the vicious military attacks against Gaza).

In reality, though, the pursuit of peace with “Gentiles” by the Jews is quite opposite to the teaching of the “Torah” (“Law of Moses”) which forms the foundation of Jewish religion and culture. In fact, the “Torah” specifically forbids such a pursuit! Listen to what the supposed “Word of God” says about the Jews’ relationship to the Ammonites and Moabites. Because those peoples didn’t welcome the invading Israelites with open arms, Deuteronomy 23:3-6 says that no member of those peoples may ever enter the assembly of the LORD. In fact, this emphatic command is given (verse 6): You shall not seek their peace or prosperity all your days forever.

Then there was this commandment concerning 7 “nations” whom the Israelites would encounter when entering the “Promised Land” of Palestine (in other words, the legitimate occupiers of that land): … when the LORD your God gives them over to you, and you defeat them; then you must utterly destroy them; you shall make no covenant with them and show no mercy to them (Deuteronomy 7:2). There is certainly no basis for pursuing peace with Palestinians there!!

Once again, consider the supposed commandment of God concerning the Midianites in Numbers 31. The LORD, we are told, commanded Moses to get revenge on those evil Midianites because they had been complicit in the hiring of Balaam to “curse” Israel. Balaam came up with the idea of having the Palestinian women seduce the Israelite men – thus causing the Israelite men to ‘sin against God’. So, in keeping with “the LORD’s” commandment to get revenge, the Israelites attacked Midian, killed all the men, and took the women and children captive. But Moses became extremely angry that the women and children had been permitted to live; so in verses 17 and 18 (of Numbers 31) Moses commanded that all the male children should be killed, and also all females who were not virgins! All the virgin female children, though, they could keep alive for yourselves! My, what a peace loving, moral “LORD”! 🙄

No, Judaism has no place for seeking the peace of Gentiles. And “the Jewish State of Israel” has not been in pursuit of such an ideal since its founding, despite their lying, deceptive propaganda to the contrary. Even those “Jews” who are atheists have still had this Biblical antagonism toward the Gentiles firmly planted in their consciousness (or subconscious); so it’s there even if they don’t have “God” as an excuse for it.

Still, the Bible is very contradictory; so a Jew who truly has a good heart can find indications here and there in the Hebrew Scriptures that there at least once existed a more open and less vicious Israelite teaching. That would have been before the scribes falsified the “Law of the LORD” so that the true “Law” ceased to exist among the Jews (Jeremiah 8:8) – and thus ‘Judaism’ came into being. Jews who are truly uncomfortable with, or offended by, the atrocious teachings in their “Scriptures” can indeed find hints of this early form of religion and grab hold of them. How they deal with the more usual evil teachings I don’t know; I’ll leave that to them to figure out.

So, for instance, one can point out that the wife of Moses was a Midianite woman; and her father was the priest of Midian (Exodus chapters 2 and 3). In Exodus 18 we are told that Moses honored his Midianite priest father-in-law Jethro and was quite willing to accept and put into practice some sound advice he gave to Moses. This is quite a contrast to the vicious treatment of Midianites attributed to God and Moses in Numbers 31.

It can also be pointed out that King David’s grandmother was a Moabite (despite the strong injunctions against Moabites and Ammonites in Deuteronomy 23). Her name was Ruth, and she has a book in the Hebrew Scriptures named after her (and dedicated to telling her story). It seems that Ruth’s Jewish father-in-law Elimelech and Jewish mother-in-law Naomi moved to the land of Moab when there was a famine in Israel. In Moab, their 2 sons married Moabite women (Ruth and Orpah). Apparently they weren’t familiar with the supposed commandments in “the Law of Moses” against seeking the peace and prosperity of Moabites, and against permitting a Moabite to “enter into the assembly of the LORD”! (I’m sure they weren’t, because it was much later that the scribes falsified the “Law” and inserted their lies.)

Elimelech and his two sons died in the land of Moab, and eventually Naomi decided to return to Israel when she heard that the famine was over. Orpah was persuaded to remain in Moab with her people and gods; but Ruth was determined to stay with Naomi and adopt the Israelite people and their God as her own. In Israel, Ruth met and married Boaz, who was a kinsman of Elimelech (Naomi’s deceased husband). Boaz and Ruth had a son named Jesse; and Jesse was the father of David.

As pointed out in a previous article (Is God the Author of “the Law of Moses”?) a number of the Prophets repudiated the Torah, saying it did not represent the true Law of the LORD. I’m sure that it is quite possible that there are Jews today who are more in line with those Prophets in repudiating “the Law” and the Talmud, than they are with Judaism. They would perhaps agree with the Prophet Micah (6:8): He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Such Jews will side with the Palestinians against the viciousness of the “Israeli” State – even if they believe that the existence of the “Israeli” State is legitimate.



  1. What do you think of this Steve? Someone emailed me the link.

    I don’t know if this is true.

    Exploiting Islamophobia. Danios of Loon Watch disappeared with $8000 after promising book rebutting Robert Spencer

    Maybe somebody was pretending to be Loon Watch to con donations.

    • PlenRaheem — I haven’t paid any attention to the Loonwatch site for a good while now. (Perhaps a couple of years?) So I really don’t know anything about what’s been going on with them. However I doubt very seriously it’s a ‘one man scam site’. Without knowing either Illisha or Danios, I’m quite convinced they’re not the same person. While I make no pretensions to be a “higher critic”, their style of writing seems to me to be quite different. I have also seen Illisha’s comments on another blog site written by a female blogger; and I’m quite sure Illisha is female while Danios is male. There are other editors at Loonwatch also; and I’m as sure as I can be that it’s not Danios masquerading as all of them. (Loonwatch obviously continued to function quite well during the “disappearance” of Danios, and so far as I know the site is still there with the quality unchanged.).

      Leslie Hazleton is indeed Jewish; but Loonwatch has never pretended otherwise. She is a well-known Jewish “anti-Zionist” who has spoken out, and written, in defense of Islam against the Islamophobes. In my estimation, it is quite appropriate for Loonwatch to make use of her statements and comments. If she has ‘evil’ ulterior motives in her apparent approval of Islam, I’m sure those motives will be exposed at some time. In the meantime, I too welcome her statements.

      Loonwatch has never pretended to be “anti-Jewish”; and their “anti-Zionism” is probably what Gilad Atzmon calls “anti-Zionist” Zionism. They speak out against a lot of the policies and actions of the “Jewish State”; and they may even sometimes acknowledge that “Israel” was illegitimate in its inception. However when all the fat is boiled away, they’ll probably (for the most part at least) be willing to accept the present de facto existence of “Israel” and push for a “two state solution”. And they’ll even be willing to label as “antisemitic” those of us who consider “Israel” to be completely illegitimate and call for its complete dismantlement. Those of us who say that Judaism itself is a viciously evil fraud from beginning to end are definitely “antisemitic” in their estimation. That’s one of the reasons I no longer visit their site. Nevertheless, I still acknowledge that there is a lot of good material there, especially relating to ‘Islamophobia’.

      As to Danios’ “disappearance” from Loonwatch, the link you provided gives Danios’ own explanation. He said in Sept. 2013 that he had “disappeared” sometime in 2012, but he was now back. Since I haven’t been reading Loonwatch, I can’t say whether or not he has “disappeared” again. Concerning the book, perhaps he has just found that it’s taking longer to write and produce than he initially expected – since he does have a full-time job and is thus limited in the time he can devote to the book. Perhaps the book has just not yet been completed, though he’s still working on it. Again though, I can’t say anything for sure about that.

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