Posted by: mystic444 | August 24, 2014

Who is Responsible for the Death of Gazans?

Imagine a hostage situation in the USA. Criminals have entered some public building and taken people hostage at gunpoint. All manner of law enforcement personnel, including a SWAT team, are surrounding the building. The police issue a statement that the hostages have between 1 and 10 minutes to flee the building; after that time a missile will be fired into the building in order to kill the criminals. After the allotted time (in which none of the hostages have managed to escape) the police (SWAT team perhaps) do indeed fire the missile into the building, destroying it and killing the criminals as well as about 3 times more hostages than criminals – severely injuring those who were not killed.

Afterward, the police crow about how ‘restrained’ they were in their actions; they did everything they possibly could to kill only the criminals and protect the hostages. Why, they ought to be given a Nobel Peace Prize for their almost unimaginable restraint! The death of hostages was not their fault, they exclaim; no, it was entirely the fault of the criminal hostage holders! What would you think of the supposed ‘restraint’ of the police? If you have any common sense and decency, you would be loudly protesting and advocating the arrest of those law enforcement officers!

But that is precisely the situation in Gaza – according to the “Israelis’” own account of the situation! According to the “Israelis’” account, the Hamas resistance is a criminal organization which is holding hostage its Gaza citizens and using them as “human shields” while they make awful demands of the very moral and peaceful “Israeli” government. It’s not the fault of the “most moral military in the world” if those hostage Gazan citizens die when they fire their missiles into the Gazan houses, mosques, schools and hospitals (which this “moral army” assures us are all Hamas “command centers” or shelters for those evil Hamas terrorists). It’s entirely the fault of the Hamas agents who are using those “human shields.”

In fact, according to “Israel’s” own version of the story, it’s not even the fault of the Gazan victims that they didn’t flee. They couldn’t flee because Hamas wouldn’t let them. Even if they theoretically could have escaped, they were too afraid of the consequences (from Hamas) to make the attempt. Those citizens of Gaza are supposedly more afraid of Hamas than they are of “Israeli” missiles! Nevertheless, with great “restraint” the “Israeli” soldiers go ahead and deliberately kill the hostages (or “human shields”) along with any Hamas soldiers that might actually be present. And we’re supposed to highly praise them for their “restraint” and “morality”, especially if they gave the citizens 1 to 10 minutes to flee.

I say that out of their own mouths the “Israelis” are condemned!! It’s not “restraint” or “morality” to deliberately kill “hostages” and “human shields” in order to kill the criminals holding the hostages. No decent law enforcement agency would do such a thing – presumably because they consider it too much effort to try to find some other way to get at the criminals without hurting the hostages. And it would be purely laughable – if it weren’t in fact so horrifying – for them to then have the audacity to claim that they acted with unimaginable “restraint” when they killed the hostages and destroyed the building itself because the criminals were in it.

In reality, though, the “Israeli” version of the story about Gaza is pure nonsense and fable. It is not Hamas which is the “terrorist” group holding hostage the citizens of Gaza. That dishonor belongs to the truly terrorist “Jewish State of Israel” and its accomplice Egypt, inasmuch as they control the borders of Gaza – meaning they control who and what enters and leaves Gaza. And the Gazan citizens do not live in fear of Hamas; Hamas is not preventing them from fleeing their homes if they wish to (though the 1 to 10 minute warning that “most moral army” gives them is hardly sufficient time to flee). They either courageously choose to remain and give the “Israeli” army the opportunity to prove the level of their “restraint”, or they have some physical disability preventing them from escaping (old age, ill health, injury, etc.) Many in fact willingly choose deliberate defiance of the unjust and terrorist “Israelis”, in solidarity with the Hamas government which they chose and whose resistance they admire. Many more, however, do in fact flee to other places (such as schools which are supposed to enjoy protection) – only to have the “moral and restrained” “Israeli” army shoot missiles at that place of refuge!

Human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as reporters like Chris Hedges, have told us that they have found no evidence of Hamas using “human shields”. There is no evidence of the existence of Hamas “command centers” and “weapons storage” in those homes, schools, and hospitals which the “moral” army of “Israel” attacked – at least in most of them; it’s all mere “Israeli” lies and fables. It’s apparently true that weapons were found stored in a couple of ‘schools’ – which the mainstream media played up very heavily. But what seems to be overlooked by most advocates of the “human shields” story is that those 2 ‘schools’ were vacant. They were not in use, so there were no citizens (adults or children) present to be “human shields”!

No, it is not Hamas which is to blame for the deaths of Gaza citizens; the blame belongs entirely to the terrorist “Jewish State”. That kind of viciousness is deeply embedded in their consciousness by means of their vile “scriptures”, which over and over teach them not to leave any of their “enemies” alive; God Himself demands that men, women, children, and livestock be ‘holocausted’ – totally destroyed. Their Rabbis and many of their political leaders insist on the legitimacy of this genocidal mentality. May the “Jewish State” be completely abolished, and a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” (Jew and Gentile; Christian, Muslim, and Jew as well as any other people who are citizens there) be established in Palestine. And by “Palestine” I mean not only Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem; but the whole land which now is divided between “Israel” and “Palestine”.

That’s all of my ‘ranting’ for this time; but as an added bonus, let me leave you with this link to a wonderful defense of Palestine and Hamas by Dr. Rania Masri – delivered recently in Raleigh, North Carolina (United States of America). A number of people have recently made the news by making statements condemning “Israel” and supporting the Palestinians – only to backtrack and “clarify” their statements when Zionists started attacking them. I am quite sure that this passionate lady (Rania) is not going to take back anything she says just because defenders of “Israel” don’t like what she said! 🙂 This article contains excerpts from her talk; but there are a couple of links – at the beginning and end of the article – to the video of the entire talk (30 minutes). Enjoy it! (Or hate it if you are a Zionist defender of “the Jewish State”!)


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