Posted by: mystic444 | March 7, 2015

The Source and Solution of Anti-Jewish Feelings?

This article contains my reflections on an article by Dr. Michael Laitman published in the Huffington Post, entitled The Simple (and Unwelcome) Solution to Anti-Semitism.

Dr. Laitman is a Jew who was born in Belarus in 1946. Growing up in the aftermath of WWII and “the Holocaust”, he was constantly asking himself why his people (the Jews) are so hated by other nations. (He wrongly labels this hatred of Jews “anti-Semitism”; but that is common since most people have ‘bought’ the arrogant Jewish propaganda that only Jews are “Semites”). He says that he searched for the solution to this puzzling question in science, religion, and philosophy – but never found the answer until he started studying “authentic Kabbalah” in 1979. Then suddenly the lights came on.

Let Dr. Laitman explain this in his own words:

In 1979, I began to study authentic Kabbalah with the Rabash, the firstborn son and successor of Rav Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag, known as Baal HaSulam (Owner of the Ladder) for his Sulam (Ladder) commentary on The Book of Zohar. Here, in Baal HaSulam’s final pages of his “Introduction to the Book of Zohar,” I finally learned why there is so much antagonism toward Israel, toward Jews in general, and what we need to do about it.

Anti-Semitism, so I learned, is a sore in the heart of humanity, an echo of an unhealed pain that the world has been carrying for many centuries. Baal HaSulam’s texts, and the explanations of Rabash, gave me a complete answer, but initially, I could not reconcile myself to it. I resisted it with all my heart because it held me accountable for the hatred toward me, and stated that I could reverse it. (Emphasis mine).

Well, that certainly sounded promising! It is generally considered “anti-Semitic” to claim that the Jews themselves are to blame for “anti-Semitism”. If the Kabbalah actually leads Jews to recognize their own accountability, then perhaps it’s not such a bad thing!

Unfortunately, as I read on, I came to realize that this supposedly humble acceptance of accountability was just a backhanded way of complimenting the Jewish people. You see, their ‘fault’ is that they have failed to live up to their responsibility and mission to serve as instructors and examples to the nations. Prior to the destruction of the Temple by the Romans at least, the Jews were a warm and cuddly people, intellectually and morally superior to the poor benighted non-Jewish nations; and this superiority carried with it a great responsibility and mission toward their inferiors.

Unfortunately they have failed in this responsibility, and the poor inferior Gentiles are aware of this (even if at an unconscious level). The Gentiles realize that they are morally inferior to the awesome Jews, and are angry that those Jews are not altruistically helping them out. If only the Jews would fulfill their mission, everything would be wonderful and the Jews would be beloved by the whole world!

The wonder is that Dr. Laitman is apparently completely unaware of the supreme arrogance of his idea. He can’t see that instead of being the ‘solution’, this is one of the major causes of what he calls ‘anti-Semitism’. Many of us metaphorically ‘gag’ when we read such ‘chutzpah’; and we simply can’t generate a high regard for those who spout such nonsense.

I am reminded of what I have read about anti-slavery activists in the USA prior to and during the ‘Civil War’. Many – if not most – of them did not for a minute believe that the African slaves were truly ‘equal’ with white people. They considered it obvious (and scientifically provable) that black people were intellectually and morally inferior to white people. Even “the great emancipator” Abraham Lincoln believed this. But they believed that superior people ought to act in a superior manner; and enslaving and mistreating their inferiors was definitely not superior behavior!

Those anti-slavery white supremacists were completely unaware of their abysmal hubris; and Jewish supremacists such as Dr. Laitman are just as unaware (I presume) of their hubris.

What truly makes the situation both humorous and disgusting, though, is that the supposed wonderful moral and spiritual history of the Jews is purely imaginary. The Hebrew ‘scriptures’ (the ‘Old Testament’ in the ‘Christian Bible’) are readily available in most places; and all it takes is a little bit of reading in that book to realize how horribly atrocious Judaic morals and ‘history’ are. So far from having ‘great light’ to give the nations, there is almost complete ‘darkness’ in that book of law and ‘historical narrative’ they have composed for themselves! They call darkness light, and light darkness. They call evil good, and good they call evil.

In this vile book, the “father of the faithful” – Abraham – is said to have lied to an Egyptian Pharaoh about his wife Sarah, claiming she was only his sister, because he was afraid for his life. This would have allowed Pharaoh to take Sarah for himself, had not God intervened (according to the story). Abraham’s son Isaac later did the same thing, according to the Jewish narrative.

This supposedly ‘faithful’ Abraham was also quite willing to murder his son Isaac because he imagined God had commanded the murder. It’s a good thing the ‘immutable’ God changed his mind, or the Jewish people would not have existed! (This story contains one of the many contradictions in the Bible. The son to be sacrificed is said to be the ‘only’ son of Abraham; yet at the same time he is said to be Isaac, who was Abraham’s second son and never at any time Abraham’s ‘only’ son.)

Abraham’s grandson Jacob stole the birthright belonging to his twin brother Esau, by lying to and deceiving his father Isaac. This lie and deception is whitewashed by talking about how much Jacob ‘valued’ the birthright, while Esau ‘despised’ it. The end justifies the means, right? [This theft of ‘the blessing’ is said to have been the fulfillment of a promise given before the birth of the twins, that ‘the elder will serve the younger’. However, despite the fact that Jacob got ‘the blessing’, he was never served by Esau; and the descendents of Esau were never servants of the Israelites. In fact, ‘King Herod’ – the ‘king of the Jews’ at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ – was said to be an Edomite (descendant of Esau); so “Esau” ruled over “Jacob” at that time!]

Under the ‘Law of Moses’ a man could be put to death for ‘violating the Sabbath’ by gathering sticks on that ‘holy’ day. The God who commanded “you shall not kill” commanded “His people” to murder whole cities of people – men, women, and children – as well as the livestock owned by the doomed people; and when the people were allowed to live, they were to be enslaved.

People who had physical deformities were to be ‘cut off’ from the congregation of the Jewish people; people who were determined to have committed adultery were to be put to death; people who were guilty of worshiping a ‘god’ other than Yahweh/Jehovah – or who sought to lead any of the Jewish people into such worship – were also to be put to death. Practitioners of ‘witchcraft’ likewise were to suffer the death penalty. (There was certainly no ‘freedom of religion’ under Jewish law, was there?)

That’s just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, as there is so much more putrid nonsense in this supposedly ‘holy’ book. Those of us with “eyes to see” say “no thank you; we have no desire to share your so-called morality and ‘wonderful’ culture!” Please continue to fail to fulfill your responsibility and mission. It’s not your ‘failure’ that angers us; it’s your vile attempt to shove your darkness onto us that makes us angry.

We find much better spirituality and morality in such people as Plato, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Socrates, the Buddha, etc. Although you may call this ‘darkness’, we far prefer such ‘darkness’ to what you call ‘light’.

The ‘solution’ to ‘anti-Judaism’ is for the Jews to give up their “Jewishness” – their ‘identification’ as Jews – and join the human race. Renounce the arrogant sense of superiority to the ‘goyim’, with the ridiculous notion of a mission to ‘enlighten’ the nations (or alternatively, to enslave the nations).

Renounce the idea that ‘the Holy Land’ belongs by ‘divine right’ to the Jewish people, and return it to the possession of the Palestinians – who lived there for hundreds of years before European Jews stole it from them, murdered or drove out the Palestinian inhabitants, demolished their homes, and destroyed their agriculture.

As long as Jews consider themselves superior to everyone else, they’re not going to be liked by people who have not been brainwashed by Jewish mythology (or who have recovered from such brainwashing).


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