Posted by: mystic444 | October 22, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu: Holocaust Denier???

While it is very understandable that Palestinians would be outraged over Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that it was the Mufti of Jerusalem who put the idea of ‘burning’ the Jews into the head of Adolf Hitler, the outrage of many Jews is absurd and humorous.

Netanyahu has claimed that Hitler only intended to expel Jews from Germany, until the Mufti objected that if he did that the Jews would just immigrate to Palestine – which of course the Mufti did not want. So when Hitler asked what the Mufti would suggest instead, he replied “burn them”. Hitler, according to Netanyahu’s version, obviously thought that was a great idea and proceeded to issue the order for the extermination (rather than deportation) of the Jews. But some outspoken Jewish voices have exclaimed in horror that ‘Bibi’ has joined the “Holocaust” deniers by making that statement.

How is this in any way a denial of the “Holocaust” or any major part of the “Holocaust” story/myth? Netanyahu’s narrative affirms: (1) that large numbers of Jews (6,000,000) died in German “death camps”; (2) that most, if not all, of those deaths were deliberate murders – rather than being from disease (Typhus) and, particularly toward the end of the war, starvation resulting from “allied” bombing of German supply routes; (3) and that the order to ‘exterminate’ the Jews came from Hitler himself. These are the major contentions of the “Holocaust” myth. To say that someone else originally suggested the ‘extermination’ to Hitler does not deny any major tenet of the story.

Many Jews, though, cannot stomach even the suggestion that Hitler did not ‘originally’ intend to murder German Jews – he only intended to deport them. However, that is simply fact. In fact, the Zionists themselves had ‘collaborated’ with Hitler many years prior to his 1941 meeting with the Mufti, seeking to have German Jews deported to Palestine (“Israel”). These Zionists were well aware that Hitler’s “Final Solution” was deportation of the Jews, not their extermination; and they welcomed the idea. There is in fact good evidence that the Zionists had themselves instigated the “Jewish troubles” in Germany in order to provoke German hatred for Jews and desire to see them expelled from Germany. Hitler did indeed work out a deal with the Zionists to deport German Jews to Palestine.

The Mufti simply sought to dissuade Hitler from that deal (to deport Jews to Palestine). He essentially was saying: “if you want to deport Jews, for Allah’s sake please don’t send them here!” There is simply not one shred of evidence that the Mufti suggested extermination (‘burning’) as an alternative to deportation.

So Netanyahu is correct in saying that Hitler ‘originally’ only intended to deport Jews from Germany. Where he errs is in the assertion that Hitler ever deviated from that intention (whether or not someone else suggested the deviation to him). Hitler’s “Final Solution” was always deportation. It was called the “Final” solution because he felt that he couldn’t fully implement the plan until the war was ended. In the interim, the Jews (as well as non-Jewish communists, homosexuals, gypsies, etc.) were to be placed in labor camps (not “death camps”, contrary to popular myth).

The deaths in the camps were largely due to lice-spread Typhus. There was an epidemic of this disease in Europe at the time, and the Germans were in fact taking every precaution available to stop the epidemic and prevent deaths – yes, even in the labor camps. Even if there were no other reason, the German leaders did not want to be deprived of the labor of the detainees. The Zyklon-B gas alleged to have been used in murdering people in “gas chambers” was actually used to kill lice in clothing and bedding. The only actual “gas chambers” ever found in those labor camps were those delousing chambers – which were much too small to have ever been used to gas and kill humans. The human “gas chambers” are pure fiction. The Germans sought to preserve the lives of the detainees by gassing lice – not kill the detainees by gassing them.

Yes, many detainees did indeed die in the camps – but the deaths were due to the unfortunate ineffectiveness of the measures taken to prevent disease and death (such as the delousing “gas chambers”, shaving the hair off incoming detainees to get rid of any lice embedded in the hair, etc.). In addition, the intensive allied bombing of German supply routes toward the end of the war prevented supplies of food reaching the camps, and this resulted in starvation added to the Typhus (hence the extremely thin starved bodies seen in propaganda pictures). Hitler and his underlings, though, never deliberately sought the genocide of German Jews. Again, his “Final Solution” was deportation, not extermination.

Netanyahu has not denied any major tenet of the “Holocaust” myth; he rather affirms the whole thing. He merely shows his hatred of all things Palestinian by seeking to make a Palestinian Muslim man the originator of the idea for the alleged deliberate murder of Jews. Had it been true, it would not have taken away in the least from Hitler’s abhorrent willing implementation of the idea. However, none of it is true – except that Hitler ‘originally’ (and always) intended the deportation of Jews, not their extermination. The labor camps were the immediate/interim solution; deportation was the “final” solution. The Mufti simply did not want the Jews deported to Palestine.


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