Posted by: mystic444 | November 24, 2015

Ignorant anti-Muslim nonsense again becoming popular

Anti-Muslim propaganda has never been absent; but recent attacks allegedly committed by “ISIS” and al-Qaeda affiliates (whether the attacks are real, false flags, or completely fraudulent) have produced a huge uptake in the nonsense being spouted. Presidential candidates, Congress people, and other leaders – as well as bloggers and commenters – are going crazy with their anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant proclamations and legislation.

A Syrian passport was ‘found’ at one of the Paris attack sites – therefore all Syrians must be ‘terrorists’ or at least suspect. Never mind that the supposed passport was in fact a fake, and there is no real evidence that any of the attackers were from Syria. Because of that fake passport, we must stop accepting Syrian refugees – though perhaps we can accept “Christian” refugees!

Again, never mind that those Syrian refugees are in fact fleeing from the atrocities committed by those very terrorists who supposedly carried out the attacks in Paris. Somehow we must conflate the terrorists with those who are fleeing the terrorists! How nonsensical can people be???

Actually, though, I can’t help but suspect that the real reason for opposing those refugees is the same as the reason our U.S. Government leaders are angry at the Russians for bombing terrorists in Syria. How dare those evil Russians bomb the terrorists whom the USA (and its allies) are training, funding, and otherwise supporting? And how dare anyone try to flee from those terrorists that the USA trains, funds, and supports? They must be “evil terrorists” themselves – as opposed to the “good terrorists” we support!

One of the Republican Presidential candidates (Donald Trump) is advocating such things as putting Muslim mosques under surveillance and perhaps closing “some” mosques, and suggests the idea of requiring Muslims to ‘register’ and carry Muslim IDs. A Muslim lady named Dalia Mogahed, in an interview with Chuck Todd from MSNBC [1], gave a perfect response to Donald Trump’s idiocy, though. When asked what Trump could do to better understand Islam, she replied: “I don’t want him to understand Islam. I want him to understand the Constitution.”

One of the main problems is that many people still imagine that terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS are true representatives of Islam, and almost all Muslims agree with them and support them. This is despite the loud outcries of mainstream Sunni and Shia Muslims – as well as other Muslim groups such as the Ahmadiyyans – condemning terrorism and showing from the Qur’an and the sayings and practice of the Prophet Muhammad that terrorism is completely contrary to Islam. It is simply long past the time when the public should have come to recognize that terrorism is a vile perversion of the actual teachings of Islam; there is no excuse for the continuation of these anti-Islam attacks.

One delightful article showing the highly un-Islamic character of ISIS (and similar groups), which I saw recently on the Yahoo News site, was written in the form of a “letter” to Muhammad [2]. The author pointed out that when a man named Hurgoos ibn Zuhair accused the Prophet of stealing from his own people, and then stormed out of the mosque, Muhammad said: “From this man will come people who recite the Quran but they will not understand Islam. They will apostate due to their random killing of people. If I were to live, I would fight them.” That is certainly an apt description of our modern ISIS, al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda! They quote the Qur’an, but have no understanding of Islam. Their apostasy is characterized by randomly killing people. If Muhammad were alive in today’s world, he would be fighting such terrorists. The overwhelming majority of those today who call themselves Muslims agree with that evaluation and decry terrorism.

TV show host Bill Maher believes that it is “bulls**t” to think that Muslims share “American values” [3]; or at least “many” Muslims, including Muslims from Syria, don’t share those “American values” since they come from countries that practice Sharia and they themselves wish to follow Sharia. Of course everybody must understand that Sharia is absolutely incompatible with “American values”!

There are problems with this strongly held viewpoint of Mr. Maher, though. Although he apparently recognizes that not “all” Muslims have ‘un-American’ views, he still maintains a very monolithic view of “Sharia”. One would think from his statement that there is only one understanding of Sharia; and that the whole of this “Sharia” is unequivocally anti-American. That of course is pure silliness. Sharia is a large and complex system, covering all manner of different life-related subjects. Most of Sharia, from any viewpoint, is in fact quite consistent with “American” law and culture.

Of course, there are some aspects of some views of Sharia which conflict with “American” or “Western” ideas and laws; and there are “some” or even “many” Muslims who will share those views of Sharia which conflict with our ideas. What Bill Maher and those who share his outlook need to realize, though, is that a very important aspect of that Sharia which they so despise says that when a Muslim lives in a non-Muslim country, he must obey the laws of that country even if they conflict with Muslim law (Sharia)! He may truly believe that “Sharia” is the right and proper way of life; but if it is contrary to the laws of the country in which he resides, then he has no choice but to obey that country’s laws rather than “Sharia”. What’s un-American about that???

So let’s say that some Muslim immigrant to the USA believes that all “infidels” deserve to be killed. No matter how strongly he believes that absurd notion, he nevertheless is not allowed (even by Sharia) to follow through on that belief so long as he is living in the USA or some other country where freedom of religion is the law. If he takes it upon himself to kill non-Muslims, then he is not only in violation of the country’s laws, but also of the Sharia which he claims to love. Of course, even in Muslim countries the enactment of capital punishment is in the hands of the Government and its judicial system – not in the hands of individual citizens. Sharia does not allow for individuals to become ‘vigilantes’ and be “judge, jury, and executioner” of anyone they consider to be a ‘criminal’ or ‘heretic’ or ‘blasphemer’.

As I said, though, there are many different ‘understandings’ of Sharia, just as there are widely varying viewpoints among US citizens on the meaning of the Constitution. Supreme Court cases usually end in ‘split’ decisions. A majority of 5 or 6 of the Justices will come to one conclusion, while 3 or 4 of them reach an opposite conclusion. So in Islam, there are conflicting ideas about what Sharia teaches. There are some (or “many”) Muslims who believe that adulterers should be stoned to death and apostates should be killed. However, there are many others who strongly deny that such abhorrent ideas have any place in Islamic law. From my reading of the Qur’an, I have to agree with those who deny that those vicious practices are part of the “Islam” that Muhammad taught and practiced.

In an article entitled Challenging the ISIS and Islamophobe Narrative on Islam [4] Kashif N. Chaudhry shows that Islam is actually quite compatible with “American values” and does not need to be ‘reformed’ to achieve that compatibility. He is writing from an “Ahmadiyyan” Muslim viewpoint, but the views expressed in this article are precisely the same as taught by very many of the more ‘orthodox’ Muslims (Sunni and Shia). There is nothing distinctively “Ahmadiyyan” in the views in this article.

So please, let’s jump off this ridiculous anti-Islamic bandwagon. Islam and ‘Sharia’ as understood by very many Muslims is quite compatible with ‘American values’; and even those who do adhere to some abhorrent views of ‘Sharia’ still have to abide by U.S. law if they live here – ‘Sharia’ requires it.

[1] A very simple explanation of why it’s wrong to demand that Muslims condemn terrorism

{2} A letter to Prophet Muhammad

[3] Maher: Liberal Idea That Muslims Share American Values Is ‘Bulls**t

[4] Challenging the ISIS and Islamophobe Narrative on Islam


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