Posted by: mystic444 | December 10, 2015

Shooting in San Bernardino, California

Since the recent shooting in California, allegedly committed by a Muslim couple (Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik), Muslim believers are again urging people to recognize that Muslims in general are not responsible for – and guilty of – terrible things done by a few individuals self-identifying as “Muslims”. Murder is completely contrary to the teachings of Islam, and abhorrent to the vast majority of those calling themselves “Muslims”. So please don’t blame the actions of Farook and Malik on Islam or Muslims.

This viewpoint and plea is quite correct, of course. As I’ve shown in several previous blog posts, murder and terrorism are in fact completely opposed to the teachings of the Qur’an/Islam. Anytime anyone identifying as “Muslim” perpetrates acts of murder and other viciousness, he/she is in fact repudiating the Islam which he/she professes.

What I would like to know, though, is why anyone – particularly Muslims – would unquestioningly and uncritically accept the idea that this Muslim couple committed this horrible act, just because the news media (unhesitatingly presenting the “official story”) say so. In the Qur’an, which Muslims believe is “the word of God”, this exhortation is given: O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done (49:6, Yusuf Ali version). A blog which I check every day ( Ascertain the Truth ) contains this quotation on its home page: “He who accepts an idea without supporting evidence, is like one who gathers wood in the dead of the night, he might take a snake for a piece of wood.” Imam Shafi’ee

Personally, I am automatically skeptical of anything I read or hear from the “mainstream media”, particularly when the media are reporting stories from “official Government” or “Intelligence” sources. This attitude began between 30 and 40 years ago when I first read books challenging the official “lone nut” explanation of the John Kennedy assassination. My skeptical and cynical attitude was strengthened with reading about the Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinations; and continued to become more pronounced with more and more exposes of Government lies and cover-ups. The lies of the George W. Bush administration leading us into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and then my discovery of the involvement of the Government, Military, and Intelligence Agencies in the false flag events of 9/11/2001 really sealed my cynicism about “official stories”. With all of the lies, murders, and cover-ups of the U.S. Government, I have no qualms about equating it with the “wicked person” in the quote from the Qur’an – and considering that any report coming from that source is a report coming from a “wicked person”.

So when I first heard reports about a Muslim married couple murdering 14 people (and wounding 21 more) in San Bernardino, I was immediately skeptical. My skepticism was certainly not alleviated by the numerous statements that no one could figure out what led them to do this atrocious act. It was said to be so out of character for them; family and friends exclaimed that it was “unbelievable” (although in fact they did seem to actually believe the reports). I just figured that it very likely is literally “unbelievable”!

Then I found out that several eyewitnesses reported that three athletically built [white] MEN were the shooters and escaped in the black SUV (although the news commentator had to throw in the comment that of course we now know that one of the shooters was a small WOMAN – simply because that’s what “officials” said). When Farook and Malik were shot to death, the pictures show that they were in handcuffs. One wonders how they managed to engage in a shootout with the police with their hands in handcuffs!!! Or perhaps those valiant police officers found the dead bodies to be so dangerous that they had to handcuff them after they were dead!!! The more likely explanation is that the police arrested and handcuffed their ‘patsies’, put them in the SUV, and then staged a “shootout” winding up with the Muslim couple murdered. In order to make the staged shootout look more dramatic, they blew out the rolled-up windows.

The assertion that Tashfeen took the time to post on Facebook a “pledge of allegiance” to ISIS while allegedly engaged in murdering people is so absurd as to rank with the magic passports “found” on 9/11. The “magic bullet” explanation of the John Kennedy assassination is not less believable than the “passport” and “pledge of allegiance” stories!

Then there are obvious fallacies, such as stating that the couple were “devout” Muslims – expecting of course that the listener/reader will equate “devout” with “violent extremists”. That is absurd; in fact it’s malicious deviousness! Many people are “devout” in their faith (whether Muslim, Christian, or whatever) who would never even consider the use of violence. In fact, they would consider that their very “devoutness” excludes the idea of violence and murder. I have no doubt that Rizwan and Tashfeen were indeed devout; what I sincerely question is that they were murderers and terrorists (“extremists”).

Some reports suggested that Tashfeen might have become “radicalized” at the school in Pakistan where she was pursuing a doctorate degree – because the school supposedly has some connections with Taliban thinking! Can we not see through that absurdity? Are we not told that the Pakistani Taliban are strictly opposed to women’s education? (Remember the shooting of Malala Yousufzai because she advocated education for girls??) How can we imagine that a school for women in Pakistan could somehow be connected to Taliban thinking???

Here  and here are a couple of articles by Dr. Kevin Barrett at Veterans Today which are worth reading. The first one presents 10 “obvious questions” that we ought to be asking ourselves about this shooting.

The best course is to refuse to believe news reports – particularly when originating with Government and “Intelligence” Agencies – until one can “ascertain the truth” about the matter.




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