Posted by: mystic444 | July 25, 2016

Who ya gonna vote for?


Okay, I realize that the title is not good English grammar. However, as regards the U.S. Presidential elections this year, that is in fact a very good question. The two major political parties’ candidates (Democrat Hillary Clinton and  Republican Donald Trump) are perhaps the two most detested candidates in U.S. history – and I don’t just mean that the Republicans detest the Democrat Clinton, and the Democrats detest the Republican Trump. A large portion of Democrats greatly dislike Hillary Clinton, and a great many Republicans dislike Donald Trump.


Yet many from both parties believe that they have no choice but to maintain “party unity” and vote against the opposing party’s candidate. They believe that no matter how despicable their own party’s candidate is, the other candidate is even more despicable; so they feel obligated to vote for “the lesser of two evils”. They believe that other independent or “third party” candidates are simply not viable – they have no chance of winning. Therefore Democrats like to say that a vote for a “third party” is really a vote for Republican Trump – while Republicans say that a vote for a “third party” amounts to a vote for Democrat Clinton.


However I will insist that this is completely untrue. It is simply a manifestation of the “programming” we are constantly subjected to by the “higher powers” in
Government and Party politics. The “truth” of this programming is solely dependent on the strength of our belief in it. Once people are free from this programming, they will no doubt wonder how they were ever deceived by it. A vote for a “third party” is simply that: a vote for a “third party”; it is most certainly not a vote for someone else whom you despise. And a “third party” candidate can indeed win; all that’s necessary is to free ourselves from the programmed belief that only the two “official” parties are viable.


I get a lot of e-mails from the Democratic Party encouraging me to vote against Donald Trump, and I feel sure people who lean toward generally Republican politics receive the same sort of e-mails encouraging a vote against Clinton. What neither party is willing to say is that it is entirely feasible to vote against both Clinton and Trump, by voting for another candidate whose policies you agree with.


However, thankfully, there are many Democrats and Republicans who are overcoming the programming which has blinded them for so long, and they’re either looking for or have found another party which they can in good conscience support. The two main parties which such people (those who have overcome the programming that only the Democratic and Republican parties are viable) are turning to are the Green Party (candidate Dr. Jill Stein) and the Libertarian Party (candidate Gary Johnson).


I would like to encourage anyone reading this blog post to check out the platforms of these two parties, and perhaps the official pages of their candidates, and consider voting for one of them. Here are links to those sites:


Libertarian Party Platform
Gary Johnson/William Weld official site

Green Party Platform

Jill Stein official site


I have not voted for either of the major parties since 1992 (Bill Clinton’s first term). I voted for Bill Clinton (Democrat) that year. Prior to that I had consistently voted Republican because I was a fundamentalist/evangelical Christian, and the
Republican Party even back then seemed to cater to that ideology. However around 1988 I “apostatized” from Christianity (particularly of the fundamentalist and evangelical kind), and by 1992 had decided that I would vote Democratic in reaction against the fundamentalist Christian influence on the Republican Party.


By 1996, though, I had become acquainted with the Libertarian Party, and decided that they best represented my own political persuasion. Although I did not change my official registration from the Democratic Party, from that point on I have been voting Libertarian.


Sometime in the last few years, though, my views on economic, social, and environmental issues have changed considerably – so that I was actually supporting Bernie Sanders in his attempt to become the Democratic candidate this year. However I had also recently looked up Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party, and found them to be even more to my liking. When Bernie Sanders conceded to Hillary Clinton – and then gave her his support – I gave my support to the Green Party. I find myself completely unable to support either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.


I encourage all others who find themselves sickened by both ‘major’ candidates to check out the Libertarian and Green Parties and see if they’re more suitable. Reject the “programming” that it’s a “wasted vote” to vote for any independent or “third” Party, and abandon both the Democrat and Republican Parties.



  1. Hi there, good thought-provoking article. I took a quiz based on the issues and my closest match was Jill Stein. I like the concept of matching based on issues rather than party or personality. But it really doesn’t matter anyway, because I boycott elections, as I have for years.

    I do think a third party candidate, as you’ve suggested, is a good option, even if you view that as a kind of boycott vote.

    Lesser evil is still evil. 😦

    • Thanks for that reply, Lenna. 🙂

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